Filter for my CLS

Would it be okay to go directly from my material / dewax column to a 50um BUNA-N gasket? Or is 50um too small for the first filter? My system came stock with 150um on all the filters, so not really sure what I should start with. I’ve had some input from other people, but wanted to here what you guys think. I’m not looking to do CRC at the moment, just want the best filtration steps. I have a filter plate, and a reducer after my column before my ball valve.

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50 is fine. I would go down to 5u for the last filter though

Will I have any flow problems going down to 5um running passively w/o N2 assist do you think? I’m getting N2 assist soon.

only if you go directly to 5micron, or run your material for 10min in a Ninja first.

see: bel art - #9 by cyclopath for staged filtration.

You can dip the solvent tank in hot water to boost your pressure.
Might want to stage your filtration like @cyclopath mentioned, make sure your solvent mixture coming from the material column is filtered properly before going through the filter aids.

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Would if be sufficient to go from 150um Buna-N gasket, to a filter plate with 25um ashless filter paper, followed by another filter plate with 5um ashless filter paper? I’m just trying to utilize some parts I already have.


Sorry what do you mean filtered solvent mixture?

Solvent mixture refers to the mix of solvent and resin coming from your material column.

No idea how you prep your biomass.

Couldn’t tell you the size distribution.

Probably. Especially with a warm shove Per @Soxhlet .

That is what I am trying to filter, what do you mean make sure it is filtered before going through the filter aids? My question was, what size filters should I be using coming from my material column. Like 50um-25um-5um?

Filter aides == magic dirt when it’s not being used for adsorption.

Don’t want to get plant material in there.

See: Search results for 'Crc' - Future4200

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I know what crc is? Why are you linking this? I’m not asking about CRC, I don’t want to use any CRC powders for these runs im trying to do. I was simply asking can I go directly from my material column, to a 150um filter, to a 25um filter plate to a 5um filter plate without flow problems.

yes, if the solvent mixture isn’t filtered before it goes through the filter aids it will clog the bed.

Because finding those threads likely more complex query and I was pressed for time…

You asked what filter aides were…

@Soxhlet missed that you explicitly stated no crc.

I’m busy, and on my phone, but just came back to point you at filter aide threads.

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For some reason this overlapped in my brain with another thread I was posting on.
@LittleDabWillDoYa your plan with the filter plates seems solid, you may want to put the screened gaskets underneath the filter plates, the pressure from the biomass directly on them can blow them out.

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Links or it didn’t happen :rofl:

Edit: Need some help on building my extractor - #20 by Soxhlet

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This is where my mind was drifting…Need some help on building my extractor - #24 by Soxhlet

damn you beat me to it… you got that there mind readin’ skill?

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@cyclopath @Soxhlet Yup you caught me boys! Good one, been doing runs for a while, always had done secondary winterization on bigger batches of crude, and had just always used the stock 150um screens and filter plates w/paper ashless on the 2nd one. Just wanted someones opinion on further filtering after material column and what would be too small of a micron for the first filter. You both totally misread. Sorry

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Okay cool, I was thinking of that just for a backup in case I blew through the papers. Thanks for the replies guys !

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nope. @Soxhlet did.
although I was not 100% clear on how familiar you were with CRC…still not really.

If you’ve read all the CRC threads you will have seen mention of using particular powders as filter aides. If you haven’t started using CRC, then one would not expect you to have read much of that material yet.

I pointed you at CRC because the information on what a “filter aide” is are buried in the hits for that query.

I was not explicit that

“not being used for adsorption” ==> “not CRC”.

if “filter aides” didn’t yield, then “magic dirt” & “not CRC” might.

don’t know, but does.

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