Filling solvent tank

Hi, I have a SS solvent tank with 3 ports. I believe the one in the middle is the liquid one as it has the spout down. The other 2 must be for vapor. ? Maybe fill and empty… not sure. Could use some help.

Now, I have a can tap but I have not yet tried to use it. Still gathering info.

Not sure if that’s a popular way to fill or not.

I would like to to know the proper and safe way to fill a solvent tank. (I will distill solvent once I get there)

Thanks for any info.:+1:

im new here but i probably shouldnt be answering but i think if you want to distill your butane you should run it through your cls and then recover it into your solvent tank so what you want to do is set up your cls and then run the butane thru top then recover it into your solvent tank

this will have it run throught the system and in return be cleaned assuming you have a molecule filter thngy!


yep, diptube is liquid out.

other two ports can be used for vapour in and/or out. or you can use one for N2 if you’re chilling your solvent to the point that you have no vapour pressure.

as for the can tapper…


please remeber to tap the can at the bottom i kept doing it half way and my can was completly full since butane sits low tihs may be common sense to you but it wasnt for me i had to re watch this video a few times

also a tip if you get the butane cans a tad hot with a warm bath you can fly thru the cans in ten seconds… a lil sketch but its cool


Instead of warming the cans You can pull a hard vac on the cls
If iT is set in salted ice bath and the cans Where left in the freezer the cans get sucked eampty due to vacuum and stay liquid deu to temps below -1C


Thanks everyone. Ok thus may be a stupid question… could I not use both vapor ports for for solvent in ? Would that speed anything up?

Another question, I have a 3"×18" collum. What is the suggested fill quantity for a collum of that size? (Like how much can fit? How much solvent?)I don’t have any specifications on this cls.

Thank you

I like a gauge and prv on that extra port…in,out, safety


What’s prv?

Pressure release valve


This is the solvent tank. So a prv sounds like a good idea!


You can get a 4 way where you have the guage and put the prv there. Let me see if I have a pic with mine in it


Wouldn’t that be a three way?

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One way into tank. One way to guage. One way to valve. One way to prv.


Picture? Thanks :metal:

Haven’t gotten to my system yet. I didn’t have one on hand

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Ok new question same topic. I’m trying to figure out how much solvent I can safely fill my tank.

Tank dimensions : 10" wide × 6" diameter with a semispherical top. As can be seen from main picture.

How many cans at 300 ml will safely fill to ( my desired ??) 75% of my solvent tank.

Thank you. :+1:

I was thinking the same thing.

10" tall, 6" diameter tank? 11 300ml cans should about get you to 75% not counting your lid.


Awesome !! Thanks. So would you safe to say I could fit a case of 12 in safely ?

I would think so given the volume of the lid.