Fake concentrate?

Got these from a guy. One on the left is harder and will break but is still semi malleable and the more clear is really stringy and gooey. Left has more noticeable smell and the right having none.

Both look good

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How does it dab

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The majority of the fake extracts floating around are all very small little jagged pieces. This looks fine. If you see soapy looking foam appear in your banger/water then dump it ASAP.

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drop a small piece in some iso see if it dissolves
if it doesn’t …flush it

Fake af. Soaked for days in everclear. Make you dizzy, not high. Slabs are un naturally thick, that’s why scumbags are breaking it up to sell it.


do you smell pine ?

No. More of a sugary lemon

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ok because some scum in canada were using pine tar as a shatter cut


It didn’t dissolve in iso. What’s that mean?

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given that folks extract cannabinoids with iso?
it’s means it’s NOT cannabinoids…

which means you ought not huff it!!


The oil on the right looks like some good distillate gram’d out in parchment.

yep. that’s what it looks like.

if it doesn’t dissolve in alcohol, it’s not…

if it does disolve in alcohol, you’re still better off knowing how to use fast blue (1969 publication date…).



“Alcohol test” doesn’t make much sense to me. The major constituents in pine resin are also soluble in alcohol

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Nobody is saying “if it dissolves in ethanol, you should huff it”.

Simply that if it does not then you should not.

OP says “did not dissolve”.

if pine resin was the only fake out there I’d have to agree with you.

What would you recommend instead?


Lab results or buy from more trust worthy sources. If you don’t have access to those, buy a rosin press for a few hundred bucks and squish some flower.

Curious if UV light could differentiate the two. But you’re right, it might not even be pine resin. There are tree resins/rosins with every consistency you could imagine. Some are derived from petroleum which opens the door for a whole bunch of other nasty hydrocarbons.

I don’t disagree with you I just don’t think that the alcohol test proves much of anything if it were in fact pine resin we were looking for.



agreed! squish is a great option for home use.
cheaper than that even.
I’ve seen licensed extractors use hair straighteners in production!
I paid less than $20 retail for one with variable temps settings.

almost certainly. might require more than a flashlight and an unaided eye.
something like the DIY Fraction Finder on a budget would likely give some insight

my understanding is you can tell the difference between between D10 and CBC based on their UV spectra (no, I did not say you could ID based on those differences alone).


Ethanol solubility only answers one question. But if you’re doing this test you’re going to have more questions. Ask them.

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If anyone can get their hands on some fake concentrate, could you shine a UV light on it to see if there is any difference between the glow of real and fake?

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That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out, let me know if you make any progress on it. It would make for a great community project if we could come up with an affordable at-home method to identify cuts. I originally was trying to come up with a procedure to identify vitamin E acetate in solutions

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