Extreme low yield on nug run

Hi Guys,

i recently did a few bho runs with my closed column and noticed my yield is nowhere close where it should be.
I cut the buds in smaller pieces and let it sit in the dry ice sleeve for 2 hours. Solvent was also cooled on dry ice for 30 minutes.
I blasted about 80g and used 5x 400ml Butan cans and yielded around 6-7g.

I dryed the material prior extracting for 8days at around 50-55% humidity at 70-75F. It was not bone dry and the only the smaller stems snapped.

So i am wondering where i am failing in my process and i think my material is not dry enough to let trichomes break away easily.
Because the blasted bud still smells really good and has trichomes…

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Biomass is most likely to humid and when blasting cold a lot more solvent is necessary


Thats what i think too.
I checked the material after extracting and some buds look like they have a lot of trichs left and smell still really good. Too good to throw away for sure.

Next time i will wait till all the stems break and the stuff is bone dry, think i have to give them 14-21 days of drying to archive this.

3-4 hours at 35C in an oven with door a jar get you there


It’s doesn’t matter if ur material is dry enough, the main thing is prefreeze w dry ice before injection. Damp material does require a lil more solvent ran over it though. I don’t run buds ( unless my small stuff)anymore bc I think there value is much more than what it gives me

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I dont understand why some people with a simple glass tube reach 15-20% yields without even using dry ice and i have really frosted bud only used top of the top from it and have yields from 6-10%…

This is no joke the bud that i run after the extraction of course not every bud looks like that but some…

The nugs…how fine do you cut them and how tight do you pack them?

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Pretty tight , every few inches i use a stick to push it tight.
I cut them in popcorn sized pieces.

Re blast them no losses only more frigin can s :weary:


I had the same issue when freezing the material. After realizing my yield was off I just blasted the non iced material with iced butane, I normally pull about 3.8g-4.2g from a 30g column, after filtering and refining, I tend to have between a 3g and 3.5g of really nice stuff. (Or so it seems nice lol) I’m still new to all of this, could definitely use some pointers on how to improve the method for a better quality/yeild. Could it just be that I don’t have good enough equipment?

Because with no dry ice they pick up so much crap it makes 20% return


@Ganjatan without the dry ice I make what is a horrendous blob that is really just a gem in the rough it seems. I seemingly get better yield with chilled butane and room temp buds. Although it does create more refinement work at the end for me. What’s in the picture is still a little dark for my liking, but some shots just come out darker. Even blasting frozen material.

Grind up those buds to a small particle size.

Why? You get a darker extract that way

Better solvent saturation of the material in turn yields more cannabanoids in the end product.

The OP has asked for better yields not better color.

In house analytics confirms this time and time again.

Also all sample prep when testing call for grinding the flower. If you do a side by side test of ground flower vs buds you will always have a higher test result on the ground flower.


Indeed. But who wants more dark wax? I doubt anyone. He wants higher yeilds not higher yeilds and dark product.
So you make a small % more wax but it lowers the value a small %… Evens out and you now have a lesser product


@Slabby how would you rate the color/clarity of the wax in the picture, any recommendations on how I might be able to lighten and possible clarify it a little more(assuming that’s possible without any kind of real lab equipment)

Dose colour even matter on personal runs, sum of my best oil was darker than most of ur pics and they wer fire, don’t hate me for this but a don’t think colour is everything also crc tech can fix the colour