EtOH Pro or no?

Looking for thoughts and criticisms on the EtOH-Pro. Worth purchasing? Or bite the bullet and get a 2l rotovap? Looking to process hemp for tinctures, topicals ect.


ē-toe pro


so long as you’re not actually a pro, sure.
but $2k seems a lot for home use.

as someone doing this for a living?

you can get the right tools for the same $2k
for less than $1k if you spend some time.

Edit: 8/2020 ~year old eBay link. Not gonna get much joy from it at this point


No, not for personal. Looking to start a small business and build from there. I pretty much figured it wasn’t all that legit and was already leaning towards a rotovap. I appreciate the input.

absolutely not the right solution for production. (imo)

if someone gave you one, I wouldn’t give you too much grief for running it a couple of times, but you need a real set of tools that you can continue to use as you scale.

I just got a 50l rotovap in the door. does that mean the 2l bucci has reached retirement? Hell no! It’s graduated from “production” to “R&D”…

The 50l came in the door with an actual chiller (well almost :wink: ), but for reasons that are unclear, it was packaged with an EM30!

Not the right pump for a rotovap, but should work with up to a 12l short path, so no way am I kicking it out of bed.


Best thing I’ve read all month.


Decided on the rotovap, now to brush up on using one. How much biomass were you able to process in a day with the 2l? Damn a 50l! Couldn’t imagine running that beast.

in this particular op, the rotovap has never been my bottle neck… but solvent recovery is still.

I’ve been getting about 50lb of biomass into ~15 gal of solvent, and recovering most of that in a turbo 500 still. which mean three 4hr runs. one on a timer. usually starting before I get in. when the still shuts down, at about 5% solvent, its time for the 2L which can just about handle the resin from 20lb of 12% biomass. I usually feed it closer to 17lb. crude is about 80% cannabinoids (~75%CBD).

The 50 rotovap should actually go faster than my current 15 gal still (less than $100 in parts), but the still’s 4hr heat up & 12hr run time work really well as “over-night”, so they should complement each other. the 40 gal still (I’ll probably start at 30gal) should be on line in a week or two. at which point I should be able to process 200lb a day, possibly twice that, once I get a chiller for the 40gal still, and up it’s production to ~10gal/hr with a vacuum assist.


Awesome! So processing crude from 5lbs of hemp should be no problem for it. I’ve not done too many ethanol extractions. Up until this point I’ve mostly run a hydrocarbon cls. Man the throughput on the 50l is insane.

May be a silly question, but how does a chiller speed up a still? For re condensing ethanol?

Take that Edward’s and run! Who packages an E30 w a roto??


Recovery requires evap & condense. A chiller helps with condensing. Vacuum lowers the evap & condense temps. So in order to use vacuum, one generally needs a chiller. With a lower evap temp (and same boiler temp), there is a greater delta-T across the evap heat exchanger, so it works better. So long as you can keep up on the condensing side (have enough chiller), then things go faster…

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Ahh… I figured it was something like that. Didn’t really think that one thru. Damn really loving this forum so far, tons of useful information.


I’m interested to see your setup once complete. I cobbled together a frankenstill out of shit that I already had just to see what kind of output I can get. Hope to get her dialed in this week.



Who says you can’t distill ethanol with a CLS!!


Two shotguns and vac assist? Or are those just jacketed/dewaxing columns?!?

2” shotgun main condenser and a 3” dephlag at the vac port in hopes of keeping etoh out of the pump. It appears to be working. Closed loop pot is sitting on a large mag stirrer. Im waiting on a new stir bar, the one that I have doesn’t like the bottom of the closed loop pot. I also cut the downtube from the underside of the cls lid and smoothed it out.


I have an etho pro I will sell for 500, barely used. I will also have a 2L roto and water asp in 3-4 weeks also barely used. Dm if interested .


fiero gt, hell yeah i love pontiacs lol

Lol, foxbody mustang.

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I’d be interested to see what rotovap you’ll have for sale!

VERY interested in the Etoh Pro. Created an account so I could DM you.