Ethos Manufacturing Demo Review / GLG Meetup

Was great meeting all of you there. Picked up some biz cards and IG handles but definitely forgot some names with some I wanted to reconnect with.

The Ethos crew was great- super knowledgeable from diverse backgrounds. Their equipment does really seem to be somewhat of a game changer in terms of operational cost. I’ll need to research more about true annual cost with our lab guys, but it’s definitely something to look into if you are extracting (or will be in the future) in the range of 500-1000lbs of biomass per day. They claim their membrane system will pay for itself in a matter of months when plugged into an existing system, from energy and staffing costs, but I’ll have to run some numbers with our team to verify their claims. The startup cost is definitely pretty high, especially if you are scaling up to the kind of biomass numbers I mentioned above.

We are building out an FDA compliant distillate lab over the next few months and another thing Ethos offered is a single point of contact for maintenance and install of the entire lab, from shredder to jarring, which seems like it would save some operational headaches, if not $/time as well… so that was another plus.

I’m not super deep into the lab side (more on operations) so you’ll have to reach out to them directly for the ins and outs, but overall I was pretty impressed with their offering.

Anyway- both ETHOS and KIFCURE seemed like solid, knowledgeable squads made up of good people. Check 'em out.


I definitely am curious what the out-the-door price (local or to OK) would be.


That was a bad ass membrane system!


all the FFE companies crying

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The pool heat exchanger is what me and @MagisterChemist find funny.


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Well explain what’s funny because I’m over here not laughing or understanding what they didn’t upgrade enough or swap for better but I’ll need to know.

Ooooo a new ready to go with options

It’s for a pool, definetly the wrong design for what they’re doing

There using it to heat up the cold ethanol they use to extract with

There’s a reason they’re using fiberglass housings and poop heat exchanger, that skid is the cheapest it can be

Look at the frame


So it’s just not the right process altogether on this section. Pretend I have no fucking idea because it’s been 5 years since I’ve stepped foot in a lab.

This skid does 1400 gph + solvent recovery

Look at the plate heat exchanger


You still need an ffe

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Womp womp womp…

I hate this industry

Roasted by a fruit juicer.


Quality > quantity

I use the pump they use on that large housing on the 2540s, no idea why they’ve underpowered there pumps.

This skid was uses to remove ethanol from wine to make a alcohol free wine


We call that grape juice


You don’t say …


My dad would always drink watered down cranberry juice when he would stop drinking

I guess it tasted like his boxed Blush wine :rofl:

That man can pound a gravity bag



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As a matter of policy I do not publicly dis on competitors equipment. Nonetheless I believe my membrane skid design has many advantages over Ethos, which I would be happy to explain to anyone who is interested in private. I was recently requested by an unhappy Ethos client to attempt to retrofit one of their systems to improve it’s performance.


Longevity is a real deal with companies. I take issues with companies products like the next guy but also know what an owner does to make things right is the real determining factor of a business.

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Sounds like your father might be able to hold his own with my wife when it comes to boxed wine lol