Kifcure Menu of Services and Products (Including Crude, Dist, Iso, CBG, CBN, at very competitive pricing)

Good on you! Keep your prices close to the chest. Don’t let people bully you into giving out your prices

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CBGNonWinterizedCrudeDH.pdf (529.5 KB) Only have about 10 liters left of our Non Winterized CBG Crude

Meanwhile the rest of us buy from people that don’t put barriers in the way


There really are no barriers in the way. As I explained above, we don’t add pricing because of market volatility (usually shifting in the customer’s favor). We prefer not to scare people away with outdated pricing. I apologize if it still seems as though there is.


im not trying to be a dick, im trying to be helpful

i just referred someone to one of your comptetitors. they asked me who has the best price on disty. Im not gonna go out of my way to ask you pricing first. How many times do you suppose the exact same scenario has played out before?

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In all honesty, not as often as you probably think. Most of the people on this forum are pretty educated consumers. We are very clear that we aim to stay market competitive, which means most people searching for a product, are going to look for who they trust rather than just the lowest price. If asking someone for pricing is too much of a “barrier” to work with us, then we have to ask ourselves if that customer was going to a long term partner either way. Just how we see it. I do appreciate your insight on it! Completely understand where you are coming from.

Just again want to emphasize to people who might read this down the road, we are market competitive with anything you see out there. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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@Future New Good Life Gang gear looking slick


Dude, you would not even give me prices in our DM. You wanted me to call you for prices. I just moved on along, to the next guy. How many times do you reckon that happens? Or how many folks just move along, and never even DM you? I’m definitely not trying to be a dick. I just took 5min of my day trying to help you. :wink:


That was actually a few months ago, when we first set up the page. It was lack of experience on the forum that made us want to confirm that people were real buyers. We since have shared our pricing with anyone who has asked, as we understood the community better. So in this case that happened once. I agree with your reasoning. Would love to be able to work on something together in the future if you gave us another chance. Absolutely don’t want this to be an “I am right and you’re wrong scenario”. We greatly appreciate all this feedback. We are all on the same team guys.

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93CBDDistSL.pdf (561.5 KB) 93% CBD Distillate, high minors! 100 Available. $500-700 Depending on Quantity.


90CBDDistOrg.pdf (110.5 KB) 60 Liters of Full Spec Distillate extracted from cert. organic material.

Do you have any cbd smokable flower? Dm with details if you dont want to post openly.

WhiteCBGSF.pdf (144.0 KB) SourCBGSF.pdf (124.7 KB) HawaiianHazeCBDSF.pdf (125.1 KB)

I attached 2 CBD COAs and 2 CBG. All of them have slightly different pricing with Cherry being the lowest at 250 and the highest is sour at 500. Flexible depending on quantity obviously. Have a few other strains as well, but these are some of the better ones.

Thanks for letting us host all you amazing people. Had a blast meeting a ton of y’all.

KIFCURE-white-label-product-lineup.pdf (1.3 MB) Check out our new white-label catalog! Sample of just some of the products we manufacture. Happy to discuss any other custom projects out there.

KIFCURE-Genetics-Catalog-040320.pdf (6.6 MB) After getting for strains certified by the Midwest Cannabinoid Project, Kifcure is returning with our same genetics lineup from last year! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about our catalog.

Competitive pricing on D8, CBD, CBG, CBN, and custom blends now available for our delicious gummies!

92D8SL.pdf (654.0 KB) D8 COA: 92% D8 97% Total Cannabinoids.

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90.51T-FreeDist.ACM.pdf (186.0 KB) New batch of 90% T-Free Distillate

Do you still have CBG isolate?