Ethanol Evaporation

I am spraying gummies with a 50/50 mixture of distillate and ethanol. How should I allow the ethanol to evaporate from the gummies?

You should really look into making infused gummies. Or better yet source from a cGMP facility.


Depends on temperature, relative humidity, and air flow. You should be able to tell visually and by touch when the alcohol is gone.

I’m with TGDS with questioning why not infuse it? I suspect you will end up with a sticky surface that you may have to powder with something like powdered sugar to be handle-able.


Because I’m assuming op is looking towards the traditional market… At this stage in the game he’s most likely late to the game, and attempting to mimmick someone else’s operation. As it’s all bs and trash anyways (most likely he distillate is converted cbd bunk) you may as well leave some of the ethanol on it. Most of the trash operations don’t know how to properly evaporate the booze as they are using 151 so their clients (aka lab rats) usually end up getting drunker then medicated. I don’t condone this in the slightest. If I’m wrong and your operation is on the up and up then infuse. It’s the only way to get consistency. If your looking for a quick buck however?

Also use the search bar this has been gone over b4


How do you allow a bear to shit in the woods


You’re really positing that there is enough ethanol left on each gummy to get someone drunk?

At a one to one ratio, even a 1g dose would contain less than one ml at the time of spraying

Go get some sleep grandpa, you’re cranky and not making any sense again.


Like I said you and your homie are most likely to stupid to actually grab ethanol 190 proof and are simply buying 151. The whole my customers are getting drunk not high most likely came right out the mouth of one of your peers. A bm idiot who has no idea what they are doing, who falsely advertises their product at 400 mgs where it’s really 50 mg of d8 trash.

Ummmm, clearly there won’t be enough ethanol present to get anyone drunk, more like just enough to make a sticky mess. Was the prior peer comment that you reference about gummies or tincture?

May I ask how you have developed such deep insight into production details not presented and into the morality and motivations of the OP?


I should have put quotes around they are probably getting drunker then high. There’s not really enough ethanol to get anyone drunk just like there’s really not enough thc to get someone high as they are most likely using converted dusty trash . These are words I have heard out of the mouth of deadbeats doing this technique. Who were also complaining about the goopy mess. If u want the sop here it is. I’m not condoning it just trying to shine light on what’s going on in the bm. This is for informational purposes only. Do not do this.

  1. Knock off thc packaging of your choice stoney patch kids let’s call it.
  2. Sour patch kids
  3. 151 (they are to dumb to acquire 190 proof ethanol ) the higher water content leads to it evaporating slowly.
  4. Walmart kiddy pool
  5. Sprayer of some sort
  6. Dump sour patch kids in pool.
  7. Spray distillate ethanol mixture onto big pile of sour patch kids.
  8. Have a shitty fan on it and let it evaporate in whatever rat hole they crawled in due to the most likely illegality they keep their windows closed with no air flow creating a fire hazard.

Have u noticed that neither of the 2 dead beats have the heart to go further with the conversation. If you want to ultimately be able to compete with the black market and be able to provide efficacy for your clients/patients you have to understand how they operate

Back when i worked for Smokiez they used this method… And in rec, too!


True, I haven’t noticed a response from OP. Are the same folks in the articles that you provided?

No lol I heard of the technique through local street urchins, and it pops up everywhere in arrest articles.

The Blacklist is under construction good base for the gossip of the underground

It seems like you’re the most toxic thing about this thread but that’s just my opinion

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So how have you associated the OP with the article, to establish their malfeasance?

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Not looking for a confrontation or debate here, but noting that asking a “perceived dumb question” does not automatically identify the OP as a miscreant. They could be an ingenue.

Imagine their disenchantment with Future4200 after their innocent question was stuffed in their face.

Ready, fire, aim. Are they really the issue?

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Educated guess, circumstantial evidence. As far as I can tell there’s no valid or ethical way to spray distillate to edibles. The dosing is gonna be fucked and create a sub par product. Most likely it won’t pass the standards most states have that there has to be a consistent dosing within a certain percentage. Give me one legitimate use of spraying gummies. I know why he’s doing it. He saw someone else doing it making money and wants to copy. Any normal person would ask how to properly infuse distillate in gummies like you and other suggested.

Not sure about ethics, but I agree that spraying gummies is a bad idea. How easy is it to convince ingenues of that fact without busting their chops. I’m thinking that ignorance is not a sin or a personal condemnation.

Might you share how you would instead do it?


Convince them not to do it or spray gummies?

May we discuss communication?

One definition of communication is a thought conveyed and received by another. How complete is a message neither received or embraced by the recipient?

Communication requires that the receiver trust the person conveying the message, have a common reality with them, and have them adequately articulate the message so that it is understood.

A challenge if the person is antagonistic, thus violating items one and two, whether they adequately articulate the message or not.

The fish trap exists only because of the fish. If your goal is communicating an idea or concept, how productive is it to antagonize the recipient, thus violating trust and affinity, relying simply on conflicting perceptions/position?


This might be a very good moment in time for any of ya’ll heroes or heroines producing gummies to share a technique or thread with this ostensible ingenue. Nothing new, violating any significant IP’s guarding the marketplace.