EHO Color Remediation



Keep hearing that thca binds to carbon too but as of yet have not seen any evidence to point to that.


Ok, how bout grabbing thc or thca?


Probably will grab thca.


Just want to be sure everyone in this thread is aware of the Pepsi challenge thread started by Renchi.


Currently filtering some of my junk jar which consists of fats from winterization and 99% iso used to clean flasks and jars and the like. I’m a man who likes to pinch pennies, what can I say.

Seeing some interesting stuff here when running it through the filter cake left over in my buchner from scrubbing my etoh crude solution. The clarity is incredible, but things are slow going. Filter cake was frozen over dry ice and the junk jar contents were as well.


Well oops on my part for not seeing this thread before I started my own. I would have posted here had I know. I’m guessing they probably will get merged by the mods. The aim is the same for both threads, so it stands to reason a merger.



I’m gonna do two scrubs this week to test (since I don’t have an inline filter at the moment)

Going to use -18c etoh for the extraction batches and do a fast soak/shake (cuz I got a regular freezer)

Going to get it to winterizing concentration, then do a scrub with alumina, acid bentonite, and a tiny bit of carbon (since there’s likely a bit of chlorophyll in there).

Going to try one batch at a +40c scrub

Then another batch at -18c scrub

I’ll check the differences and post some pics so we can get some temperature variables isolated.

Just a start!


Send through celite first and last


If anyone gets a chance try running the same product back through the filteration process a few times if you can. I’ve reason to believe that may help.


Sometimes when degumming I have washed out a red pigment. It doesnt take as long to wash out as the emulsion and it tints the brine pink/red.


I just found something interesting. Used bentonite in my second winterization, let the clay sit in the solution in the freezer overnight, the clay left in the filter was neon orange.


how was the color of your solution post filtration? got pics? :nerd_face::popcorn:


I only used a tiny bit for a test, gonna try it again with more clay to get more color out. The pictures don’t do it justice, yet.


Here’s the filter.


thats awesome - looking forward to the end result of that run!


Interesting results from that, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with more clay. The only issue that I can see with this tek is keeping the bentonite suspended in solution. This makes me wonder if mixing bentonite into first pass distillate and then letting it cool and sit for a day or so would do the same thing


An experiment for later is taking the dark red residual cannabinoids distilled from second pass waste and trying to remove the color and make it more usable.


Acid activated? Or regular?


That was with regular, gonna try it acidified on the next batch.


Orange is the biggest problem with etoh (imo)… Gonna give this a go.

Whats your proposed ratio? I wanna try!