EHO Color Remediation



So, this was not done by me, it was done by ecodyst in house. 15lbs batches with 15 gal. Reused 10 times. I maxed out at 30lbs/5gal. Gonna try for 50lbs/5 gal once i get more material to confirm this though. Key here though, is doing it at room temp. It can’t be done at cryo temps, solubility is to low.

Edit: i do know that you can get 1g/10ml in etho cause I’ve dissolved that amount of bho in etho before. That means you can get around 1850g/5 gal which means that my average yields of putting 15lbs material/ 5 gal only gives me 400-600g/5 gal which is only a quarter to a third of its capacity.


Do you know of the amounts of adsorbants used on what sized plates?


Was this question for me or someone else?


Yeah, the magnesol pulls greens and some yellows.

I’m gonna wash this in etho tomorrow.


It was meant for you @Renchi


What kinda filter setup is this??



This should hopefully answer both your questions. If not feel free to clarify.

I’m using a 240mm buchner funnel. 25 micron paper in the bottom.
100g bentonite/ 500ml etho
Pull vac pour slurry.
65g neutral carbon/ 500-600ml etho
Keep vac pulling, pour slurry.
122g magnesol/ 500ml etho
Pour slurry, vac still on.
100g celite 545 (or silica) /500ml etho
Pour slurry, put another 25 micron paper on top then filter tincture.

This was good for 30lbs in 13 gal. After that green leaked.
Then i filter that again with 6 micron paper and if needed be 2-3 micron paper.

I might add that this completely removes any water solubles, after decarb there’re no burned particles or charred anything left in the pot. Just smooth crude.


You’re a craftsman. Do you know what pulls orange and reds?


I’ve heard that alumnia should remove that fairly well. I will confess that room temp def brought more red through compared to cryo. But i feel that is a fair trade for getting higher yield and we might find the perfect way of removing those hues. I’m gonna continue experimenting. It will be interesting to see what the final product will look like, then I’ll know the efficiency of this process.

Thank you, btw.


Be careful with the magnesol, it state you need at least a 5 um filter for that


Oh damn. Time for sintered disk


I did alot of research and testing on it today. A friend of mine had concerns about magnesol xl


What do you think about just extracting doing all this with just a freezer temp? Maybe middle of the road?


I think that’s the best bet


Where do you get these?


See all back in the day we’d freezer the bio and freezer the etho and do short washes and it worked out pretty damn good


Well, that’s what I’ve been doing up till now. I feel like the yields are not as big as room temp will allow. Thus I’m switching over. But whatever works for you, you should do. I’ll add that I still keep all my biomass in the freezer, regardless, to make sure it keeps fresh and to avoid any conversion over time. Best is to get it in the freezer as soon as possible after harvest. I put all of the biomass in vac bags and seal it to prevent oxidizing aswell.

What’s the concern with magnesol? I have it layered on top of carbon and bentonite. Then i filter it for particles with a 6 micron and 2-3 micron paper.

I’ve been thinking about sintered disk aswell.


Your smallest filter in line will remove it, it needs to be screened at 5 microm is all. You mentioned if you needed to you would go to the smallest you have. That was my only concern is that it didnt make it to your finished produst is all.


Will remove what?


The magnesol.