EHO Color Remediation



I always opt for heptane over hexane for toxicity purposes.
When I’m doing my distillate runs I go with an etoh crude at -18c, long dwell with greens. Then do a charcoal+bleaching step for 30min in the crude, then heptane for filtering. My first pass distillate is usually a nice gold.


I thought so too, but i believe breaking dabs corrected me and said there wasn’t any toxicity issues with hexane. I have heptane, but i don’t like it so I’m gonna try with hexane. I guess pentane is on the table aswell.


Im reading that everyone seems to be going with carbon. Carbon works great, but thca/thc tend to bond with it. At least that is what i have read. Acrivated alumina will work with reds/pinks. I believe celite or de is great for fats. So that is what i filter with first. Not sure what colors and fines t5 pulls because of its base color being tan. Ill have to revisit what silica 60 and magnesol grab.


With carbon as long as you flush the cake with extra etho you will pull what gets stuck in the carbon out. Especially with warm etho.


The hotter you run your carbon scrubs the more of an issue this is. Also you can use neutral carbons to further reduce your losses. @Shadownaught has some amazing carbons that allow users to take advantage of the different affinities acidic, neutral, and basic carbons have with varying compounds. Hopefully he will add to this with more nuanced and technical finesse


Cool good to know, not sure if carbon is an adsorbent or absorbent.
Adsorbent retanes and cant be flushed to be reused
Absorbent is like a sponge and can be flushed abd reused


They are sending me hard wood carbon. I gave to ask about it befor i give it a go


Wood carbon is by far the best for color remediation, tried every type


Im just concerned about what also it grabs. thc/thca, terps, ect

Thankyou for share your experience


Everyone mentions the ac thca problem… I can’t remember if I’ve seen anything saying what kind of loss a person can actually expect though… 1%, 10%, 35%?


Me either, i have not done side by side lat testing yet


Someone brought up the problem with the lack of cannabinoid solubility pentane has at room temp and colder in the Heptane extraction thread. I’m going to try heptane myself. Possibly this weekend, but I’d really like to try it with activated alumina in the column stack as well, and that doesn’t come in till Tuesday… Got some silica, T5, and celite and a shit ton of B80 and magnesol though.


I’ve did a couple of ac scrubs after winterizing, and I don’t think it’s a very good method. It seems like it’s really pulling a lot of good stuff out.

I think perhaps ac is best used directly after the extraction. Or else if you’re making distillate, then doing it at a 3-5% ratio with a 5-10% clay for nice color.


Dred has been using aa in the bho crc.
Aa is super cheap and i like its water adsorbing abilities. Plus from what i understand it grabs reds. I will be adding it to my process also


In my experience, experimenting with both hot and cold scrubs as well as filtration bed, AC doesn’t seem to be very good at pulling anything other than green. Which a little birdie mentioned B80 also being good at, so I’m going to experiment with that to see if I can completely eliminate AC in my filtration. I’m a bit skeptical as to whether that will work with ethanol, but we’ll see.


I got scared of heptane after the red heptane thread a while ago. That’s why i wanna try hexane. That’s for the pentane info. Much appreciated. :grin:


Somebody on here sent spent carbon in for testing and I believe got back 9% thc from the lab. This has led to the “wash with more/ warm etho”- tek. Put a gallon through after filter to catch most if you did 5 gal.


And rinsing pulls that thc back out of the carbon? I thought carbon was an adsorbent?


Red heptane thread?? First I’ve heard of that. I’ll search for it now.


Are you saying you used the same 15gallons of ethanol to extract 150lbs trim?