Edwards 30 help

Hey fellas.

I went and bought a used E2M30 off ebay, and apparently I got the dud. The dude said it was in good working condition, not the case.

When I got it wired up and plugged in to 240v all it did was hum for a second then click off.

After some investigation I took apart the electronic box and found the bigger black capacitor is fried (not the 20uf one) but I can’t read anything on the part to try and figure out what it is to replace it.

I’m hoping one of you studs here has an edwards 28 or 30 that would be willing to help a brother out and see if I can get this thing running.

Thanks in advance!


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looks like you powered it up with the wrong voltage, shitty lesson…

thanks for the constructive comment :roll_eyes:

Maybe if you read the post you’d see I received it like this and am looking for help from folks that can provide some actual guidance.

thanks anyways

Where are you located. I can do a swap. I have running units.

oh my apologies, I have just done this a few times myself, thought u might have done the same thing, if it arrived like this I would def request a refund!!

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“advise extreme caution with any purchase from this thread”

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I’m in central Cali near Fresno. But am willing to travel! I’m also willing to fix myself if needed

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you got this, not a hard fix at all. look up diagram, order capacitor, install, enjoy.

It’s all good, I’m just already super frustrated and perhaps somewhat sensitive :yum:

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That’s the problem, the diagram doesn’t call out what the capacitor I need is, which is why I started this thread hoping someone could shed some light on my misfortune.

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if this isn’t the one you need… its def the yellow brick road :wink::upside_down_face:


Unfortunately that’s not the one… the one that is blown is about twice the size and black. Mine has a 20uF capacitor in it now and it seems undamaged.

darn, well like like I said, its the yellow brick road to the one you need. :man_shrugging:

I like teaching how to fish, but I’m not going to give you the fish my man

I’m sure the dude mentioned above will sell you one for 5k… :sweat_smile:

the real ganja father should handle this issue no problem.


(just jokes, be very careful)

Haha thanks.
I’m sure someone will be able to pop their power panel open pretty easily for me and let me know what I’m looking for.
Just waiting for another Edward’s owner to chime in.

honestly in the amount of text we have exchanged you could have looked up the replacement parts sheet direct from Edwards, or just call them. you got this.

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Lol thanks again for the advice, but I’ve already looked up the replacement part list and its NOT listed. I’ll be calling in the morning, but I figured I’d reach out to the group as well.


@tweedledew recently reworked an older used E2M18 he got off ebay in this thread;

He may be able to shed some real working knowledge on it and is a good guy!

I’m sure if you give them a call tomorrow and provide serial number they may be able to contact technical support and dig up a diagram they can e-mail you?


Yeah, I definitely didn’t go about setting mine up right. Blew up a couple capacitors myself. It was wired for 120 and I swapped the plug to 240 and didn’t change the capacitor.

Picking up a new one tomorrow and hopefully I can give you some results.

Definitely call/message Edwards. They’ll get back to you in a day or so with what specs you need.


@SafeLeaf.ca thanks for that!

@tweedledew definitely keep me posted. I’m going to have to call them tomorrow for sure. I’m sure the 30vs18 is going to have different capacitors. But I’m still curious to what the inside of your terminal box holds.

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