Edible chips?

truffles? How a Legendary Chef Runs One of the World's Most Iconic Restaurants — Mise En Place - YouTube he taste tests every can of caviar and truffle.

Actually bud, I deal with D9 liters only. Yes that would be the packaging my client just wanted me to make the chips and he was going to buy them and package. Defenitly not worth my time cooking chips all day to make a stack😂


Yea D9 liters, that have a little D8.
HUSTLERS are always gonna hustle.


ill give you a stack to cook my chips papi

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Can anyone help with a method !! I’m making d9 infused sweets (Already made sweets) I want to infuse them with d9 and mct oil ? Does anyone have a ration and method I can use .

I need a method that would work consistently as I’m making big batches of 10,000 packs worth of sweets

I’ve currently been using ever clear grain alcohol it does the trick but looking to switch into mct oil as it’s more natural and healthy .

Would I need a binding agent for the mct oil to mix with the d9 ?

are you spraying premade candy? If you switch from ethanol to MCT you’re just going to make a big oily mess

just make candy from scratch or remelt albanese bears, stop spraying shit, no one prefers that over proper infusions


Chemist huh?!?

Can you define “infuse” for us?

Then explain how what you’re doing does or does not match with that description.

Turns out that If you want the drugs IN the candy, you have to PUT them IN the candy…

Spraying the outside is not infusing.

Care to try unpacking that?

How much ethanol goes onto each candy? How much is left by the time it hits your consumer?

What would that look like for the MCT?