Eager to learn!

Hello all! New to the community and would like to absorb as much information as possible. Growing flowers, making distillate, (important information about either) all the processes in between; ANY information provided will be greatly appreciated!

P.s. alot of jargon is spoke on this forum, please explain in layman’s terms until I’m more familiar with the terms. Thanks in advance :grinning:


Study the forum for 1 month, read as much as you can. The search function is your new best friend, learn how to use it like a pro before you ask questions. Chances are your questions has already been answered.

Then think carefully about the questions your asking. You will get a much better response

Happy reading !!!


Gonna take longer than a month if ur complete GREEN NOOB!

I been at this game for only about 5yrs…I don’t think I can ever learn enough! Never stop reading!

Your at the right place to expand your horizons that’s for sure!


Lurk, read and ask questions when you can’t find them in a search. Go on @Photon_noir @Soxhlet @cyclopath @QGA and @Roguelab profiles and read every post they post. Utilize google to research the jargon/concepts they use.


If you are genuinely eager to learn, @Canni4All , you should understand that @qma and many others here are consultants in cannabis processing or growing who teach for a living. You are free to hire us, of course, to explain everything in great detail, but the explanations we give here are very general and jargony because that is the easiest way for us to write to one another. We keep the quality of information here pretty high by discussion and comparing notes, and you can learn a lot by reading, and sometimes we dumb it down when we have time and energy to do so, but please respect our process and time by looking up terminology on your own using the vast internets available at your fingertips. Please note that I show you enough respect to explain this instead of just barking UTFSE! Thank you!


I have learned quite a bit in the short time I have been on. But, I’m having trouble searching topic threads because I don’t know where to start. Lol. I meant no disrespect to anyone if it seemed like I was demanding information… just a new user who is a bit overwhelmed by information. My fain focus is to learn distillation atm. Do you have any links, terms or information on the subject that would be good to start? I’ve recently ordered, “Beyond Buds, Next generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions” by Ed Rosenthal.


Again, thank you.


Begin researching distillation in general. Study the different types of vacuum pumps and how to protect them with cold traps. Learn how molicules flow under vacuum, you will better able to visulize what your doing. Take all the knowledge you can apply from traditional sources, then apply it to cannabinoids.
Learn how to properly assemble glassware and where to place thermometers. Knowing the how and why of all the processes is a step in the right direction. Perhaps try distilling some solvents under vacuum, thats a good way to practice. Plus if you bump it will be very forgiving, you can just dump the solvent back into the boiking flask and restart.


You can also check out the whitepaper from me and @cyclopath here:


Just input your email info to retrieve the link to the paper! We included a large glossary of terms, too.


This is THE ULTIMATE site for excellent information, great people, and people who actually help vs steer you down the wrong parh.


Yeah, this place rocks!!
Welcome @Canni4All.

Here is some Raw Love.


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The glossary in the white paper @Photon_noir pointed you towards should get you going.

It looks like we tried getting one up around here, but really only got as far as the terms that needed defining.

Maybe @Sidco_Cat can point us to where the results of that ASTM D37 meeting are stored? At a min you can google each term (maybe add “cannabis” if the results are not specific enough).

Edit: y’all might want to check out the ASTM D37 link @Sidco_Cat left us… all sorts of fun stuff behind it.


Awesome info!

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