Dry sift rosin

Ehh everybody, I’m using a 120 micron bubble bag and dry ice to dry sift some good sugar leaf to turn into rosin. Anyhow I’m getting really good color from white to yellow depending on the strain… but when I go to press I get very low yields compared to when I use sift that I got without using dry ice. Can anyone tell me why this is?

The dry ice is freezing and breaking apart everything. So you’re ending up with a lot of contaminants in it compared to a manual sift.


Thank you man how would you go about manual sifting ?

didn’t you state that you made sift without the dry ice?

replace “manual” with “without dry ice”.

aka “dry sift”


I suspect @Otscc nailed it.

Ideally you’d want to confirm that yourself…

Look at your input under magnification, you should have no problem distinguishing trichomes from cellular debris.

a cheap magnifying glass might be enough, but I’d recommend a digital 'scope for your computer or phone. so you can post pics here or do image searches to figure out what you’re looking at.



Greywolf used a built screen and a da palm sander as vibration. @beaker has a nifty vibrator as well that he used to pack chroma tubes.


Forsure thank you for the link I’ll try and get my hands on mircroscope today and order one for my phone so I can upload pics.

Right on I thought that’s what you meant, was just making sure there wasn’t something I was missing. When I did it without dry ice it was an insanely small yield

…because you were not pretending ground up plant material was kief…and why when squished, your dry sift actually released resin.

Edit: for those reading along, I’m not suggesting dry sift is the most efficient method of separating trichomes. I don’t have enough experience to go out on that limb. I suspect bubble hash with 5 to 8 bags would be the gold standard (that I have done a handful of times), and would love to hear others opinions.


Ya man I need to order a good set of bags. Bubble to rosin seems like the way to go over dry sift

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Liquid nitro sift? I shouldn’t be trusted with that stuff. I’ll terminator 2 someone


The video is exactlywhat i mean by manual sift. Also look into static tek or paint roller tek. This will help you clean it even more.


I think the best way to get good dry sift is to: tumble the material with dry ice for the inital seperstion, 8 min max for good stuff, 15 min max for everything. After its tumbled take the good stuff and throw molecular beads in to absorb the water that got stuck onto the kief from condensation. Throw that into an air tight container and leave it for 30 minutes. Then put the kief into a 200+ micron mesh to seperate the kief from the molecular beads, let the kief land on a 100ish micron screen with a 45 underneath. Then use the static tech to collect pure trichs.
I know it sounds like alot of steps but its only the last part that takes for ever, and all the steps before get you alot of material to sift right away


How long w the beads?

I usually do 30 minutes because i tumble like 4 runs before collecting off the bottom of my tumbler. But that phase is just the transition/storage phase to when u can get to it, and its always in good sifting condition. I dont hand sift a bunch at a time and just do some here and there when i get the chance, so thats where the beads come in. I can leave it in the container and only sift as much as i want without worrying about it clumping from storage.
You dont want the stuff to get above 70ish degrees F, or else ur terps in the trich heads might start oozing out and make ur kief greasy


Where would be a good place to find the screens I would need

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Ebizzle for about anything you need unless u want name brand


What ratio of dry ice to material should I be using
I am going to try dry ice sift for the first time
I have a couple pounds of trim and a new press
Also going to try some bubble so any info would be helpful

2:3 ratio of dry ice:material. You’ll have dry ice left over just sift it out in a 1/4 in screen and reuse the ice pellets that stayed above

Are you using polymer beads for this process? Would it mold without them, or would it be okay in a cool dry storage for the next few days? I’m not doing any further sifting past the dry ice extraction. Just pressing what I yield from the initial extract. Thank you in advance for your time!