DrLoud Exotic Grow Journal

Thank you.

I do plan on going legal. When the time comes, which is why I’m researching at the moment.

I want to attract medical client with good insurance so they will have access to medicine via insurance

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This is how the green crack is looking.

Grow #2

Purple Punch 2.0 vs Critical Orange Punch vs Red Hot Cookies

Grow #2 is done.

I dislike how it came out it felt like I spent half the year growing larf instead of buds…

I need clones

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My recommendations for yield are

Chem D


Thanks Tom

Pictures from Grow #3

This came out soo much better than my last grow although i went from 3lb to .5 lb

I kept the environment very cool at 74 degrees

What are your favorite feeding charts and addons? I want to up my game and start growing Top shelf’s

You can tinker with the led spectrum. I like this supplement board:

What is that used for?

UV and IR spectra are associated with an increase in secondary metabolites and plant growth. Whether it is anything more than an association…jury seems to be out

Indoor grown cannabis yield increased proportionally with light intensity, but ultraviolet radiation did not affect yield or cannabinoid content - PMC

The far red takes about 10% off of flowering time. The uv/“exotic” spectrums make frost, mostly the trichs that dont contain cannabinoids, but do add greatly to bag appeal. From the perspective of someone just smoking it, the flower seems to burn a lot longer.