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New grow thanks for everyone for lighting and IPM advice. My new lights on the way so we rocking with a spider farmer ts 7k for now

I’m still waiting for seeds but I had some bag blue dream seeds laying around hopefully they become females.

I installed an ac infinity inline fan and carbon filter. Question regarding those, what’s the life cycle of a carbon filter 1 year, 6 months?

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Bag seeds tend to grow hermies. Myself or someone here will mail you some seeds if you need them.


Mind mailing me some? I ordered some from altitude seeds they will be here in 30 days I cant wait that long.

Dm answered!


So I use double-sided tape at the bottom of my grow tent, to prevent bugs from breathing underneath, do you have any spray I can buy for IPM outside my grow tent?


Use basic stuff from the local hardware store for OUTSIDE your grow tent


Here’s a link to prevent the inevitable future thread titled “Dr. LOUD’s pesticide remediation thread”


Well don’t spray the plants with that shit


I use Lost Coast Plant Therapy, Captain Jacks Deadbug, and EM-5 in veg and predator bugs in flower. You shouldn’t have too much problems with bugs in a tent as long as you prevent an infestation before it takes hold. Once it gets bad though you have to nuke it to get them gone for good because they will hide and come back over and over.

Good luck with the grow!

Oh and carbon filter depends on how much it’s being used. I’ve have my current filter for 4yrs and it still works fine but it’s only used for drying the flowers.


I love our community, yall really support each other here. I want to thank @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp and
@Concentrated_humbold for supporting me with seeds for this grow.


How Do I Get a 100% germination rate? The paper towel method isn’t 100% for me.

Drop them in a cup of water and put them in the dark. Not all seeds are 100%


How long can seeds sit before it affects their likelihood of sprouting?

About 3 years is what I read, and the germination rate starts to decline. Storage conditions affect that a lot.


I honestly didnt even know about soaking seeds until fairly recently. I have dropped 30,000 hemp seeds in a season without soaking and had nearly 100% germination. What I didn’t understand is that it worked only because the seeds were very fresh. As the cannabis seed ages, it starts to dry out. By soaking it for about a day…I have also heard until it sinks…you are rehydrating the seed.

The speed of germination relates directly to temperature, everything happens faster when warm. The downside is that if it’s too hot, then your media can dry out, or if its a wet paper towel in a ziplock, get gross with nasty bacteria.


Germing with paper towel since early 2000s and I still use paper towel method. I have encountered crosses that wont germ well without a heat pad in recent years; interestingly, all progeny from the subsequent crosses I made also required heat pad. So genetics appear to play a role there. As a result, I now use heat pads every time I germinate.

Regarding bugs, I do like captain jacks as well.

As far as bagseed goes… seeds are already a form of genetic roulette, bagseed all the moreso as most folks will never know the pollen donor. But chance aside, I think its key to mention that a solid handful of some of the greatest clones to hit the scene were bagseed.

Dope as fuck that you got hooked up with quality seeds. Dont forget the love you were shown and pass it on as you are able :+1::saluting_face:


Definitely passing the love over, Okay, I don’t feel as bad for my blue dreams bag seeds. I just. hope they turn out females at least.

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I found this technique on the bodhi seeds website years ago…cant find a link now. This is how they reccomend germinating their seeds.

  1. Soak rockwool cubes in ph 6.0 water.
  2. Place cubes in a tray.
  3. Insert seeds pointy side down. ( use tweezers)
  4. Tear off small pieces of rockwool and cover the hole.
  5. Add a dome or place in clone tent or both depending on your setup.
  6. Wait.

I’ve gotten 100% using this method many times.
You may need to help a seedling shed its shell or possibly dig one out of the cube but its very rare if you insert them properly.

You still need temp and humidity dialed. Im usually in the high 70s or low 80s for temp and in the high 60s low 70s for humidity until i transplant.


When you’re pointing the seeds down, is it fat side down or the skinny side down?

The suggestion was: