Does anyone pour and scrape their gelatin gummy's?

I am looking for any info, tips, tricks from anyone that uses the pour and scrape method on their gelatin gummy’s. Right now we hand pipe them and are looking to see if it would be easer to pour and scrap. Do we need any special tools. Any help is appreciated.

We produce roughly 10,000 gummies a day.

did you bother to look behind Search results for 'pour and scrape' - Future4200 ?!?

yes. folks do. and their pectin gummies too.

those that do claim it’s faster. by far.

you might should start with: Gummy recipe and SOP inside

and Gummy thread (this isn’t it! links inside) might also be useful…


have you looked seriously at homogeneity?

Above @cyclopath 's reply is basically very comprehensive, but it all requires you to have a good mold as a start. Our customers tell me that you can’t do it too fast or too slow. we are an mold supplier, not a candy manufacturer, and our customers (gummy factory) have mastered the use of the method, and a good mold can make you demolding faster, compared to the mold above amazon, ours can be four to ten times faster. DM me, let me show more existinig mold without a tooling cost.