Distilling Rosin? Yeah?

Greetings y’all! I’m gonna sound like a broken record so it seems. I’ll start off by saying I’ve been here only a few days and already I have been inundated by the wealth of information. You guys truly are some lovely chaps. With that being said, I do enjoy a good roast.

So fire at will if you do see fit.

My question is this. I’ve been pressing Rosin for a few months now and have been trying to get it to vape well in a cartridge. (broken record part) Given all of your expertise, would it be wise/unwise to distill Rosin in order to rid it of fats and waxes that may not be vape friendly? Is distilling Rosin redundant? Inefficient? I’m at a loss! I’m about 1/2lb of raw flower deep with no positive results. D:

I’m hoping distillation will be my savior, but if I’m in the wrong place just point me in the right direction.

Thanks ahead lads,



Have you tried placing in a jar and heating close to decarb temp for a little while?
I THINK it’s 20 min, and about 90c…but def do some research.
Serxh "making rosin carts’


Press the terps and fats out and then melt the diamonds. Shortpath the terp/fat mix to pull your volatiles. Add the volatiles back to the isolate and homogenize

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Thanks for the swift response @qma when you say press the terps and fats out, do you mean I can simply press them out of the Rosin I’ve already pressed? Or I’d have to start from fresh flower? At any rate, by your comment, if I want to remain solventless I will still need to distill the terps from the fats. Can you recommend an economic homogenizer? One that gets the job done? I was lured into two different magnetic stirrers before realizing they’re hardly useful.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

Stop with the rosin if your desired outcome is carts. Extract with alcohol. Winterize. Deterp, decarb and distill.


I’m a little stubborn, mate. I may be going a different route soon enough. I’m just so infatuated with Rosin that I feel a lot of people would really enjoy having that flavor (at least 80% of it) in a decent hitting cartridge. My knowledge is hardly vast even in the Rosin field, but I am adamant to pursue all forms of extraction little by little. So far it seems distillation is a necessary skill for most post processes.

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You may want to sift or wash your flower I’m not sure a flower press would be clean enough for carts. You can achieve the consistency without distillation, you won’t yield enough to justify running distillation from your rosin. Here is a 1g sample of some rosin Made from bubble hash that was heated after the press.

the larger jar is the jar the 1g sample was pulled from.


Rosin carts is a really expensive product to make. You will need a lot of expensive gear that doesn’t exist commercially. The guys running cold paths are all using really specialized rigs and low fat butane extracts.

Nothing about rosin carts is simple or economical. It is possible though. Search “solventless diamonds” and “coldpath”


That looks beautiful! Did you try vaping it? How runny was it?


Going to check that out now, good sir!

I seriously appreciate the advice.

It worked well.
I was trying jar tek the first time I figured it out on accident by leaving my jar in the oven to long, definitely wasn’t expecting a see through product at room temp when I put in a mustard looking hash.

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Any details on heating specs? Did you use an oven? Convection or Vac? Thanks for your help dude. Seriously appreciate it.


@singlesource :point_up:

vacuum isn’t needed try to put it on a hot plate around 85c and wait for the consistency to change time is going to depend on how much material you have in your jar. Time and temp are just variables you will have to play with. I have done higher temps for shorter periods of time and lower temps for longer periods.

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In my experiments I usually leave the lid on under heat but have achieved the same consistency without

Killa why you hating on Rosin carts. Some of us are in the game not to just make as much cash as possible rather were in the game to make to cleanest medicine possible.


If that’s the case then you wouldn’t be using rosin. I’m not hating. Just stating the truth. When you pressing rosin. All the undesirables come out with your compound. Waxes, lipid, and other contaminants that cause vape carts to fail.

This is not about hate rather just stating the easiest way to the finish line.

Rosin is by far NOT the cleanest medicine possible! :joy::rofl::joy:

@Thedawg you should learn the difference between hate and speaking the truth. If i said Rosin is wack as fuck and a shitty product…thats hate. If im telling you the input your using is the wrong input to solve the equation well then im helping save you money.

Some of us like me arent in the “game” no more. We won and out the game doing legal shit. Thats why the “game” is called the Game. its meant to be won and lost. Winning means you got out and can make the same money doing it legally. We all know there are many ways to lose the game.

Im sure once you guys figure out the rosin cart function the next question thats gonna come up in this thread is…

Why are my rosin carts turning dark towards the end???:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Rosin carts arent the cleanest medicine possible though. Its for fart sniffers, cause you can make a solventless cart with hemp terps and disty like killa said first


Can you really call it solventless if you’re using distillate though? I’m definitely no expert.


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Depends how the distillate is made.