distillate to CBN??

Hey everyone. I just got back the test results from a new distiller. Etho crude, carbon scrubbed and winterized product went to him.
A decent amount of it.
The test came back with 0% D9, 0% D8, and almost 17% CBN… I didnt even know that was possible?
The test was done at the biggest lab here, so I believe the test. Should I? How would something like this happen? Obviously mistakes were made. I do really appreciate this place for knowledge. Thanks for the input! Cheers

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yep. plenty of reading on that subject around here…

I’m betting you’ve got more mystery peak than any of the others that have run into this.

you most likely need to address your vac pump or have leaks in your rig.

who’s glassware are you using.

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Hey. I have no idea what he is running unfortunatly. New relationship. New guy. New space. Thanks for the links. :slight_smile:

missed that part.
your new source needs help with their vac levels & distillation temps.
they messed up big time.

full disclosure: I took 75% D9 THC to 45% D9 THC on my first attempt…but I had In House analytics to guide me out of that hole

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When i saw the test, my heart sank!
Well, live and learn. Keep moving forward.
Thanks again. Truly appreciate you guys

If i had to guess the product was run in very large shortpath. You start to see a point of diminishing returns from long residence time in large stills. Thats some pretty bad degredation, whats the product look like?


Really clear with a tint of pink to start.
Now has oxidized a bit.

looks like it was bleached and scrubbed, lots of isomerization probably made d8 predomently, then multiple passes/heat degraded it further into cbn and a bunch of “mystery peaks” like @cyclopath said.


Wow. Well, here is another example as to what NOT to do…
Looks like the mantra “Its not done right unless you do it yourself” may come into effect.

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I would bet your testing facility messed up. I say this because of the lack of other cannabinoids present in the test results. Isomerization is common but typically you see other cannaboinoids also form. I would send multiple blind test to your testing lab to see if their results are consistent. Analytical labs make mistakes too.

Beyond the lab possibly messing up, what perimeters was the distillation and prep performed at? Pink distillate hints that it was not neutralized properly before distillation and the extract solution was acidic. This can be from multiple things like carbonic acid from Co2 (dry ice w/o lid), improperly washed glassware, or the actual glassware itself it was made poorly.


I’d bet money that the lab is on point on this one. it is pretty easy to reduce $k’s of 75-80% delta9 THC to a worthless mess. I’ve not seen 0% THC before, but 16.75% CBN is telling.


I think the lab is the most trusted up here. Multiple tests from lots of my peers. Always “accurate” when tested against themselves/other labs.
I have a big chiller from touch so my Dry ice use is limited. Just use it to test for remaining fat/waxes etc in a sample.
I unfortunately dont know anything about the glass or its make/model. I will be finding all this out and more on monday. Ill get back to you guys with that info.

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in an ideal world, you’d contact the lab manager at your testing facility, and obtain the chromatograms for your sample.

explain you’re using a new distiller, and need a rolled up newspaper to smack them with :wink:

ask if you can post the pictures here to inform others on the same path.


I need a newspaper alright! :slight_smile:
Thats a great idea. I will contact them tomorrow as well and say just that.
Ill for sure post it too (if allowed) so that the knowledge is out there

Jeez I have never screwed up that badly even on my worst days. Having 75-80% thc turn into garbage is a nightmare. How would one screw up that badly and convert all of the thc into cbn and garbage? Too low of vacuum and too much heat for a significant period of time?

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exactly! OP mentions “new guy” , “new space”. might be brand new equipment (new scale?). or brand new operator. or even just the first time the operator has run this equipment in the new space, but they’ve never had a vac issue, so have no idea this is possible (lots of folks are not aware of this issue…).


Read my other posts scattered throughout to understand a chemical reason of why these cannabinoids degrade to cbn

This dude unfortunately sold himself as a pro. “Been in it for years” Has a product line selling disty…
I honestly dont know how it coupd have been completely destroyed from someone thats been in this for “years”

All are very good example of why it would happen too.
The vac issues make it so that fractions all happen at higher temps im guessing. Ao the longer its on the mantle in poor vac conditions, the hotter the reaction, the faster the degradation?

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you happen to know how maney liters his setup is?