Discussion on PII rules

Well, kotk just posted his name. Now does it matter?!

Please explain to me what is PII that I posted when its all info off the internet

Still not your info to give out… doesnt matter.

Should I start giving out your full name D boy? (secret little hint. I wont because i am a decent human unlike yourself)


Most of those site you need someone’s name first.

Dude, you’re totally doxxing people.

That’s fucked up dude.

@sidco, this is PII. It should be deleted


His IG is his name it’s public info

You search people regularly enough to have an account with them? Wtf lol

Went to search my name and realized you had to take the time to create an account etc…


Yes. Please read the pii/doxing rule again for anyone who wants to draw the line. Come back with a longer, more thought out articulation of your point.
The line isn’t when someone gets upset by it. Or when someone finds your facebook.

Its a public service, you can use without registration

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All you have to do is Google any name and dig and you’ll find what you’re looking for

You don’t need an account

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Posting Direct Threats/PII/Doxing/Stalking : https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2261A
Mod Action: Remove PII. Move offending conversation to Off-Topic.
1st offense: 1 month silence, official warning.
2nd offense: 1 month - permanent silence / ban

PII still hasnt been removed… Did you write these?

Personally identifiable information ( PII ) is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for deanonymizing previously anonymous data can be considered PII .

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@sidco can you please explain what I did to violate this?

His IG user name is his name and he uses the same icon

I mean look the dudes location is even in his profile on here

Heres the whole excerpt and link for those who like the full picture and not a cherry picking.


We have a very open forum, dedicated to scientific research. We impose very few rules and do very little moderation. The system and community handles itself for the most part in regards to spam and minor moderation. There are a few things that will land you a silence or ban and attention from an admin. All cases are subject to interpretation and our moderation staff reserves the right to take a higher or lesser action. Leave comments about it here.

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He doesn’t have his ig linked to his profile here. If it was I’d agreed with you, but it’s not


Yes but his user name is linked to it I posted it above

Google his user name on here and I bet you find him

Being a decent human being doesn’t matter. When the only thing keeping your illusion of expertise afloat is an internet presence, of course you’ll fight tooth and nail with any dirty tactics to keep that image going.

This whole thread is a prime example of the old saying “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it”


I dont even have anything else to say.

At least now its blatantly obvious that you are allowed to dox people as long as they posted said picture online at a previous date.

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My bad, KOK is right. No account needed lol

But good news is, I’m not even on there. Go me!


Funny you say this because I didn’t start it yet when it happened to me no one gave a shit

Yet all you guys come in here crying when I literally did what was done to me

Perfect example of how your morals change when the person you’re dealing with changes

You still had to look for it, if it’s not directly associated with someone’s profile, we all should assume that the member in question doesn’t want their information widely disseminated.


I didn’t have to look for it

I literally googled his user name and his Facebook profile popped up because it’s linked

He uses the same picture on IG too so it’s easy to tell who he is

His profile wasn’t private till about a week ago anyways