Discussion on PII rules

Hey @sidco and @Future , would you mind elaborating on this:

How is it that someone can illegally obtain a photo of someone else and post it up here (without the person pictured giving consent) and you refuse to take it down (even after its removal was requested)?

Seems to me if that is the direction this forum is taking, I’m about done here. That’s some serious bullshit and completely unacceptable!


I asked the same thing and they allowed my photo uploaded

Where did this happen? You are the second person to say this without giving me a link.

Yet when they did it to me you liked the photos


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So you are against having it done to you but are okay with doing it to others? Keep calling that kettle black.


You mad bro?

Sounds like it bahahaha

I’m against it period but if they’re going to allow it then I’m gonna do it, especially when it was done to me

Looks like you have been mad for a week.

So you are against things that you do yourself?

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Whos the one crying in here about the rules?

Sure isn’t me

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In another stunning display of near self awareness, @Kingofthekush420 makes a clear case that he lacks the ability to empathize with others- clear symptoms of sociopathy and potentially psychopathy


He didn’t start this conversation here; I did.

You should really stop self projecting

How does it feel to have taken 100k from your mom and never given her any usable product back?

Dam ripping your own family off that’s gotta be a new low even for you

Yet he found his way in here to cry about it

And I’m sure he messaged sidco as soon as it happened

I would have messaged a mod immediately thereafter if it was my photo you posted without my permission (that also happened to be obtained illegally).

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If its on the internet it’s free game according to @sidco

His photos are ALL OVER Facebook and shit Google his name

The fact you think I obtained it illegally is comical

You have no idea how easy it is to find ppl on the internet obviously

His user name is connected to his FB

Hey you stupid fuck, you just posted his name. Seriously?! @sidco, how is this not outright doxxing?!

@sidco still think this is okay?

my facebook has been deactivated for months.

you also dont see the photo shared when searching my name.

wanna keep going?

It’s his IG user name…

How can you doxx yourself when your user name on IG is the same as his name?

Yes you do want me to upload the un blacked out version?

I do not think this is the case, but rather kotk trying to troll you guys.
This is what I had DMd @thesk8nmidget

I wanna be fair. He didn’t exactly post your info or try to threaten you or anything.
At what point is simply posting a pictures of someones face, especially when it’s all on SM, not ‘fair use’?
Also, as a Hemp Slanger, are you not more open about who you are with customers / making yourself a public profile?
If you are saying he hacked into, and stole your pictures, that’s entirely different and something you might wanna look into going to court over.
If you post pictures on myspace or facebook and someone uses your username to find that publicly available profile, I have a very hard time being sympathetic when someone posts it and wouldn’t call it doxxing.

Look I cant stop you guys from posting pictures of yourselves on the internet. Stop getting upset when someone finds them. If you have an issue with it take it to court.
@thesk8nmidget and @Akoyeh take a second to realize where the line should be drawn, and if drawing it here is good precedent.
For the meant time @Kingofthekush420 you’re on notice, stop posting PII.
To his credit, it’s not like he did anything but google your username.