Discussion about silencing, and how you feel about it

@cbdeeznutz is @extractionguy? Lmfao

Where’s that profile picture again? Hahaha


I can’t say for certain but sure seems like it to me. I can’t let everyone throw around alt accusations and not get in on it :innocent:


The existing clone group is solid and in-step. Let’s see the free market make a worthwhile competitor. It would increase competition, quality and decrease the price. Everyone hates Libertarians like Joe Rogan :rofl:

@Pupparoo is my homey. I’m sorry he made too many butt jokes. He still deserves to be around for his positive contributions.


I dont think he should be silenced. @sidco needs to upload a program that blocks any work related to butt, anus, ass and so on for @Pupparoo’s account. It will just put stars there or put a random extraction related comment in place.


Just make butt words null or a word like “Frittata”. Mah dood didn’t commit crimes worse than telling bad jokes.


Could you imagine if we silenced the world because of humor. We would have no George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Mitch Hedburg. I bet there were TV channels that wanted to silence them but the right ones let them speak because it brought ratings. This forum being the TV show and @Pupparoo bringing the ratings. I guess that would make @sidco the people behind the scenes trying to stop these heroes from being heard. Kind of ironic because I bet @sidco finds them all funny and am happy they were able to speak there voice…


From my experiences with him, and going back and looking at things. I’m convinced it’s him, and would like a confirmation on the IP!

Need to figure away to not allow more than 2 accounts per IP. Business and personal. But 1 should be all that’s needed.

Just don’t go around acting like your shit stinks less than everyone else’s, and that you’re so much better. While in fact being a POS. If you preach it, live it. Talk is cheap.

I love you guys!


There is a line though. I’m not sure where it is, as I’ve apparently never crossed it. I don’t ever remember ever being warned by the ones in charge.

Had a couple of conversations with both mom and dad. I think they all pertained to things surrounding MoM.

I’m pretty outlandish (as you know), but if I were warned I would try. Just like that word I accused of using, so used, and will never use again. I’m doing that specifically because it bothered 1 person in particular, and I like that person.

It’s not hard to play ball inside of the field lines. Especially when our referees are who they are, and the field being as large as it is.
I have no right to go through raising hell in every thread, so I’ve been trying to keep it contained. And that’s because I respect both the people that don’t want to hear me, and the ones that do.

We’re all in this together. Let’s have a good time, set some examples (both good and bad), and let’s fucking enjoy ourselves. But remember, we are guests here. As much as I am this place, it isn’t my place. (If that makes sense.)

Still love you guys though!


I am fighting a personal battle right now. I am making obvious, strong, but still keeping them suttle points. I REALLY was hoping @sidco could see this from a not quite spam when its humor point of view. I do not feel that has come across. I couldve posted examples of other posts going off topic as I am doing it myself right now but for a good cause and a potential MoM. If I felt in place more here at this forum I would scream louder for my homie. I feel his silence is not getting enough attention. I will not post about it again in here because it is off topic but seriously. What are we gaining and who is learning anything from @Pupparoo being gone. Someone important is not doing enough math here.


Standards for @Pupparoo vs. @thumper


There is a topic about this already. Someone can come thru and flag all these off topic spam posts

Get back on topic before someone gets scolded.



They are funny, but id rather have 1 serious hash extractor / scientist person here vs 10 people who love butt jokes. Wrong crowd.

Way less butt jokes outside the EC. Its a very temporary silence.

@WeedThePeople for MoM


So we can’t tell jokes outside EC? My soul isn’t that dead yet.


Ok guys wrong crowd. Pack it up we are not welcome here. Maybe I am alone on this one?..


Sir sometimes your vision and dreams get a little altered by the people who make your dreams come to life. When you were writing the script for this forum butt jokes were not in the vision. When extractors came upon this amazing place it became an open forum for the love of what extractors love. These are the people that made your forum. When you silence them you lose them. At that point you become the person you originally were escaping from. Than this place becomes a desert and the next one opens. Listen to the people, dont sensor them.


I think your did right thing by brining it up, and you are always quite humorous! Listen, it would be @Pupparoo and I both that would be banned right now had I posted what I was going to post. I have no doubt it was almost the same words I would have used.

I don’t necessarily agree with it either. I just think everyone should have little more respect for the people who made this place. If they say calm down on the ass jokes, calm down. Sure, fuck with future and sidco. But don’t do in a serious thread about series things concerning them.
That’s what gave me pause, and cause me to delete my post.
We all know what the cost of an inspection is!
But, don’t make them look bad in the places they excel at. If the verification shit, and inspections weren’t worth it. People wouldn’t pay it. I see the benefits from GLG, but I’ll probably never used any besides the get togethers.

How I feel personal doesn’t take away from anything any of you people have accomplished. Some may be jealous, some whatever, but I’m impressed and I have eternal respect for people with great ideas, and the ability to follow through.

I think an eighth of shrooms, and dandy handy is plenty for it!
But I digress

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How old is @sidco? Gen Y or Z? It’s telling how this place is run.


Im gonna split this to a new meta topic. Gimme a minute.


Sorry Boss
Let’s just get it out and over with. Let’s all say our piece. At the very least, let’s clear the air!
Should we do a poll?
I’ll stop responding until it’s moved

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