Dirty Trim After the Fact

Let’s say going on the word of a grower, an extractor procured a modest amount of trim (say 500lbs) thinking the material was clean. Let’s say the extractor runs the material and the crude fails on PBO.

What now? Does the grower owe anything to the extractor?

Lesson learned? Always pesticide test the material you’re gonna run…

I wouldn’t give him the oil back personally, but, I wouldn’t have taken his word either… shrug

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When I say procured, I mean purchased. Ouch

Oh, well yeah that’s pretty much your bad. No offense.


Dirty fn scumbags!

Its like a grower knowingly selling somone
bug or PM clones.

If he knowingly sold tainted product, screw him! If he didnt know, then a good old talking to (talking to, not an ass beating) about how much time and $ he just cost the end user.

I just tossed 300 clones over the past 2 months as they were not up to my standards. I’d rather take a loss now, than have unhappy clients 6 weeks down the road with crap plants and lose a long term client.


Well, have you sent the trim in for testing or just the crude? It’s quite know by now trim that tests clean when distilled concentrates pesticides to detectable levels. So before you go pointing fingers make sure you know why you failed. I’ve had clean testing trim come back for pesticides myself.


Extraction concentrates.

Trim can test clean and yield dirty Distillate. Happens all the time


Another batch of trim from the same warehouse was tested at CW, after the initial dirty test results, via a cold acetone micro-extraction. Failed on PBO. After several long conversations, turns out they were using Dr Doom. Of course their flower continues to test clean as they haven’t concentrated anything, so claim clean. Prepurchase conversations were had about the difference between testing flowers for retail, and testing trim for extraction.

Test everything/ Never take a growers word is my take away. Especially larger operations. 8 mill into their grow with an army of workers= a lot at stake and increased potential for someone to do something to “save the crop”.

I guess the question is: is there a foolproof test for biomass to determine cleanliness? Longer acetone soak? Different solvent?

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Take a trim sample
Do extract of sample
Test crude and see if still clean.

What I’d do before taking anything from ppl nowadays.


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