Did @etsgang snitch out @subzeroscientific? ASME and OLCC confusion? is this what our industry has come to?

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Subzero would like a word @ETSgang :call_me_hand::fire::popcorn:




Hahaha a little razzle dazzle

It’s Christmas after all.

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He’s right.

This is recent btw @Sidco_Cat with the ets accusation. Definitely casts a different view than the video preaching come togetherness.

Sure sounds more like come together for our team vs others as we try shady shit too!

I’m sure a podcast would really set the record straight.

I still see it as everyone vs everyone. Some are just fake AF.


She probably doesn’t want her platform to be used to spread libel and slander.

Talking about a documented court case is one thing, being party to one manufacturer being anti competitive and trying to harm their competition is probably below her level of ethics.

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WTF this is nonsense…Subzero can feel free to reach out to me anytime, we’re not hard to find.

ETS made no attempt to shutdown any lab whatsoever. Called and asked our contact in Portland if the ASME requirements had been lifted when we saw the 8" falling film vessels on IG before it was in anyone’s lab. If they’re an ASME shop they should have no issues. We looked into it because they have a bunch of bullshit ASME hashtags on their posts. A # doesn’t make your shop ASME certified, hiring a welder that worked in an ASME shop doesn’t make you an ASME shop, an ASME certification and all the work, documentation, additional requirements and expense that goes into it does. I’ve posted my ASME certificate, feel free to do the same Subzero.

Listen, in the end this comes down to safety. We are all judged by the same ASME boiler and pressure vessels codes as manufacturers. I’m not saying it’s a bad design, but it falls outside of the ASME requirements if you’re not an ASME shop. Subzero deserves to be called out for ignoring it and they know that. It fits this topic because it’s about the health of the industry, that’s why I’m bothering to respond at all and not just calling them offline. We looked into the Subzero ASME certification when we saw the post and yes the shop is advanced and typically does good work, but it’s not ASME certified according to ASME. We are an ASME certified shop, it’s tedious it’s expensive and it’s the ONLY thing to do if you’re fabricating over 6" for pressure vessels in the US for the cannabis industry today. I don’t have to tell Subzero that because we all know the requirement - it’s pressure vessel 101.

If you designed outside of the same spec every manufacturer in this space is held to and sold it to a client without going through the actual ASME certification process or using one of the 1000’s of actual ASME fabricators available than it’s on the manufacturer, hard stop.

Not trying to be a smartass but upgrade those clamps as well, on an 8" pressure vessel it’s code to go with an ASME clamp.


Wow. This is pretty interesting and pretty wild at the same time……

Does subzero stamp asme on their equipment or is it just the hashtags on their social media posts.

My mind is pretty blown with this response


Hahahaha I need more cow bell.

Was that a: “no we didn’t. Jk yes we did narc on y’all?”


Everyone is gonna be a pig rolling in shit.

Times must be tough to go so low.

Having cop callers on payroll is fucking hilarious.

Even funnier. You called on their OLCC lab. Like it wasn’t intentional. “We would never harm a lab unless they’re owned by a competitor.” Should be your new slogan.

Big Rat energy trying to shape it as a safety concern.



MJBizCon is the December Christmas entertainment we all love at this point!


I just think it’s a telling sign that ETS is going and targeting customers or labs carrying other companies products and reporting them to authorities in an attempt to make a buck and harm their competition. I’m no lawyer, but if the evidence is real I’d probably contact yours @ETSgang because that’s a very low blow to try and I don’t think the consequences of actions is just going to be words.

Is the ASME attack a part of the patent plan? To just intimidate others and prey upon current market share vs new market share.

The underbelly of the tactics being used by y’all is just as if not worse than the patent battle. Going straight to the government officials and whistle blowing on competitors.

It’s just a sign of the times and the market consolidations and squeezes on margins.


I personally would never buy or run uncertified vessels over 6", both for liability and peace of mind.

The fire marshall would have my fuckin head, so would technical safety, and so would worksafe.

And rightly so.

IF someone is selling pressure equipment without an ASME stamp that’s asking for a bunch of massive lawsuits - the buyer has no guarantee that they’re not buying a pipe bomb and the vendor has nothing covering their ass if something goes wrong.

Someone installs the wrong clamp or doesn’t torque it properly and it blows up and kills someone? Even if it’s 100% operator error and you have video evidence proving they fucked up you’re still getting sued into a smoking crater.

The reason we have all of the regs and paperwork and laws around pressure vessels is because A LOT OF FUCKING PEOPLE DIED. Not one, not once, but lots of people, on many occasions.

IF someone is selling possibly unsafe equipment, I think anyone who is able to identify that has a duty to call it out.

There’s a big difference between “wah wah I don’t like that my competitors are taking business from me” and “there might be a legit safety concern here guys.”

Please note that I’m not saying that Subzero did anything wrong, or that ETS’s intentions were 100% altruistic, or that their stated story is the complete story. I don’t have a horse in this race.

But if I see a legit safety problem I’m calling it out all day long and you can call me a narc all you want.


To the authorities? Let me understand you.

People who also do the raids

A difference of opinion over a Instagram photo is worth calling the government on your competitors?


Up here that would be completely different government departments. Health Canada wouldn’t know the difference between a pressure vessel and a suppository, but Technical Safety BC would.


That issue is universal in authorities. I agree with your sentiment for concern, but I would hold the calls to the cops.

So you’re gonna call on anyone and everyone who supplies here lol

Authorities don’t know the back of their own hands. So let’s report to them… someone else… and be that watchful Karen with no incentive…

Christmas break is here and so is the reality.

Last I checked tons of people don’t run asme stamped equipment. Hello. Earth to y’all. Yes opportunity, but not by being a cop. I’m not associated lol I don’t have to show you an asme stamp or anything to see the shade and the shady. This is obviously how y’all feel justified. Thinking you know another business and how they operate and immediately throwing shade in the form of government assistance. When it’s an outsider looking in. You’re a copxtractor company from now on. Why don’t you just say you didn’t do it?

That’s a lot of typing for yes you did it.

Call it complete lies and not true. This is all wrong and not you.


Man i genuinely laughed at that meme, but you dont have the right story. Noone at ets tried to shut down any lab. The fact that the lab was owned by the manufacturer that was selling a design that is misrepresented and not compliant is not our responsibility to care about.

This was 100% pointed at a design that regardless of anyone’s opinion, ASME code states is unsafe and non-compliant. We verified with ASME (takes 2 minutes), and asked the question to the fire engineer. Any lab deserves to know that the manufacturer they bought from may have crossed a line in terms of safety and compliance.

Again, if Subzero is an ASME manufacturer as they try to represent when they say “ASME certified welders” on their website and socials its a non issue for everyone. ASME doesn’t certify welders, thats not how it works. If they wanted to sell a pressure vessel over 6" diameter, there are plenty of ways to do it in compliance. The engineer that epr’d the design is as much to blame as anyone at Subzero for issuing a peer review.

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Yes, we did call OLCC and specifically about a design. A very specific design. I smell upset over something deeper. We also would like to remind everyone we narc on our competition and request they show their asme stamps.



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Can we split this into it’s own thread?

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It’s already a random thread with a dead account.

But for topic sake. Hydrocarbon Extraction has a Vague Blanket Patent - #313

Would be a good starting point.

@anon88836658 won’t mind.

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Might as well just EC it from the beginning, someone obviously fell off the wagon and has lost the ability to understand words, this is gonna get worse in a real hurry.


A simple denial would have sufficed. I’m not gonna beat a dead horse. It’s clear.


You could have just called SubZero instead of the authorities…

Because of hashtags you contacted authorities.

What a fuckin world to live in when the guys in the cannabis extraction industry are cops. So much for that level up together energy this forum started on. Lol

I didn’t manufacture this drama. You contacting the OLCC and expecting it to stay quiet and not to come back to you is your own manufacturing. I’m just here for it. :sunglasses: