Diamond mining...where to start?

Greetings everybody, I’m an extreme noob here. I want to venture into mining diamonds using a CLS system. I’m starting entry level chemistry at my community College next month! I’m very aware that there is so much to learn. I was wondering if yall could kindly point me in the direction that would be best for clueless people like myself should start? Any YouTube channels and sources of info on the net would be greatly appreciated and welcomed! Thanks everybody :pray::metal:


Start here and use the search bar! All the answers you need are here.


I agree with @thesk8nmidget. Reading through some of the threads on diamonds will give you a better understanding of the process than most SOPs.

If you want a shortcut check out some of the free diamond SOPs I have listed on my site.

Manuals and SOPs - Extractor Solutions


Use a 1/2” ball valve as a seed port on top of your miner


Use a sweater to sweat and separate the lower portion of the miner rocks that have sauce on them still


Baby tray :sweat_smile:

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@everybody thank you. I will be reading about what has been mentioned!

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I am also pretty new here. I found a youtube channel that’s taught me a lot of the general lingo and the basics of some of the common chemical processes on here: nevermind

Lots of diamond mining threads on here. Read, read, read. Even if you don’t understand at first, re-read later and it will be clearer. Brilliant minds and ideas on here, hidden amongst the bickering :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmaoooo @WKUCONSULTING told everyone to use food coloring to make blue diamonds.

I wouldn’t call that a good resource…


Are plant based pigments not food coloring?

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Just search and read here… most people skip the second part of that, the reading. All you want to know is here, just read.


Here are a couple of links to help you get started on your adventure.

Only The Strong sauce tek

Crc diamonds hot jar tek


Please. For the love of all things. Do not take anything from @WKUCONSULTING as serious. That dude doesn’t realize his YouTube is a literal liability to himself and others.

He relies off YouTube clicks and seo backlinking to be relevant and has no fucking clue how much he’s aiding unsafe practices. He’s a troll here that spreads nothing but garbage attempts at reiterating only what he’s read here.

He is incredibly out of date with real world experience and uses a fucking green screen of a laboratory (that he isn’t in) while he tries to convince clowns he is the circus leader.

Please read. Search. Take the “spoons” provided by novice users. They are 100% honest that your resources can be read here. You’ll just have to filter out a lot of bullshit that may be worth paying to jump start and dodge. Lots of consultants here.


Listen to the willbilly episode of theMODERNExtractot I go over some very basic diamond and batter SOPs that anyone could follow


I’m… wow. Cobalt is much better than Blue 1! :sweat_smile:

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Search on google or here the terms:

Meta stable zone, supersaturation, schlieren lines, seeding(not always needed) these things helped me big time.

If you want to go real deep look up crystallography😂

Understanding wat is happening is half the work, the rest is doing it, after learning about all that + non stop using search bar got me bigger diamonds.

Cant speak on safety I do the smallest runs like 30 to 50 grams no CLS so what ever you do, think twice before doing it.

Start small, understand whats happening and if you feel like going big after extensive research go for it would be my advice.


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