Diamond miner tips?

Hey whats good i run a 2p cloosed loop with crc mostly doing machine trim. I use a diamond miner and iv read all i can find in the threads. I have advice from some reputable sources so im going to show some of my results and see if anyone can add some valuable information to the community.

So im on the 3rd batch prosses has been pour in minor with out over evaporateing.

Put miner in oven 90c leave over night next day release pressure until see a slight film or thickening. Leave 12 hours

pressure is average 25psi release to 15psi and
repeat continue releasing pressure down to 15psi every 12hours until stable

Iv moved the miner to 85c then back to 90/95c every few days not sure if helped.

I then leave it until bubbles and slight movement looks to stand still and burp it 1 to 2 psi to agitate solution and form slight movment with bubbles as needed

Iv opened the miner to look after about 10 days and closed it pumping air back to 10 to 15 psi and left it im not sure if thats helps at all or should not open until done.

Im having a hard time telling when they are fully done and stalled. I get average 120g to 140g out 2p trim shake. for thca diamond average in growth on 2 batches is over 112g each

When call it done i put on strainer and in oven at 90c ruuning as much sauce as possible off. Im wonder if there is a better temperature and should the diamonds be vacuum purged.

This 3rd batch has been in the longest now abou 17 days very similar to first

1st batch was 13 days

2nd batch about 15 days

Batch 1 bellow

Batch 2 below

3rd batch will post shortly hopefully i dont get eatin alive for the rookie asks😅


if you are going for a single solvent crash it is much much easier to get nice diamonds from fresh frozen material.


try 85-90F instead of c


You aiming at decarb? Or do you mean 90F?


What’s your goal here? Making clean diamonds (i.e no sauce/terpene fraction)? If that’s the case, you’re evaporating too much solvent before pouring off. Leave more solvent in the miner for longer, let it evaporate even slower. You should have a thick but pourable mother liquor when the crystallization is done. You can probably get some clean crystals if you centrifuge the batches you’ve made so far, OR you can do a cold alkane wash after pouring off the mother liquor.

Just for fun, see if you can get a batch of fresh frozen, use your SOP and make a direct comparison. Milled trim will be significantly more decarboxylated which will be harder to crystallize.

If your goal is to make caviar I’d say you’ve got a pretty good procedure.


Yes i meant Fahrenheit obviously smoked to many and posted this :rofl:

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please dont add “air” back in to the miner solvent keep your miner free of o2. Pressure is not what helps make your diamonds grow larger and 15psi has nothing to do with your “sweet spot.”

3 things you can do to help growth is burp when the solution is to thin and growth is stalled, when its to thick or growth stalls turn up the heat, and or add butane back in.


Why in the name of fuck would you do that?!?

You just primed your pipe bomb…

Pressure has essentially nothing to do with this. You are not growing motherfucking carbon crystals!!

I suggest you learn using sugar and water. All the concepts are the same. Except for the part where you can blow yourself up.

Better than unexpected ignition…



Hey thanks for all the replies appreciate any info. I’ve learned a few things already so it was worth posting

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Your miner should be devoid of air from the gate. If you are filling it while open you’ll need to seal it up, cool it down in a freezer and pull a vac on it. Then you can proceed as usual… looks like you might be evaporating a touch fast towards the end of your run.


Hey so this is the 3rd run much better results. I think now that i wont open it or add pressure along with more butane less release. Fresh frozen is ideal so ill aim for that on next. Im going to be asking more about washing the diamonds since a fuge is out of reach. Along with cold crashing as suggested

Anymore tips are greatly appreciated!


much better formations. you can wash them in hot water or very cold solvent or super saturated solvent


get some pentane, put it in a freezer for a few hours or overnight and rinse with that.

pour your rinse into another jar if you want to recover bits of thca that might have quickly dissolved in the pentane but none really should if youre quick and the pentane is ice cold.

ez pz

you can also just sweat it off too using a basket but i think they come out better with an ice cold pentane wash personally.


You ever tried hots/warm water?

Thca does dissolve in it, put not the way it does in pentane.


Sounds good this is the common suggestion so far ill give it a try. Thanks!

No i havent and im sure a few seeing it suggested are thinking wtf as well. Thats interesting obviously the cheapest way ill be trying a few and see whats happens. Thanks!

This seems to be the new tech. Do folks still take their diamonds for a spin?

I imagine this works well only if you do it right after you decant/filter off the mother liquor. I have not tried it to confirm because honestly it sounds really messy (and organic chemistry Poly says that’s a whack idea). Can anyone confirm this works well consistently?

Can anyone point me to a video of washing diamonds with pentane or any method if available

Not I…but if you haven’t already, I do suggest you wander through Post Your THCA Pics/Vids

That was actually aimed @durr