Delta 8 in edibles - Consuming orally vs smoking/vaping

Has anyone had any experiences with the effects of d8 vs d9 in edibles?

I recently got some nice distillate and its testing heavily in d8 which isnt terrible for smoking but I was wondering if there will be noticeable differences with edibles 200mg d9 thc vs d8 thc

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Here is the test, the CBC im guessing is d10

We used some in edibles and people complained of little of no effects. This lead me to believe that it is no orally active. We use it in carts but not edibles. If anyone else has any experience please share it.


I will report my findings too when I get it in hand

Many sources say its just fine to ingest thats interesting to hear

Interesting quotes from -

delta-8 THC actually converts into delta-11 THC when processed through the digestive tract. Since delta-9 THC also converts into delta-11 THC when eaten, there’s no special benefit to eating delta-8 THC.

In general, research suggests that delta-8 has about two-thirds of the potency of delta-9.


last night i made a CBD/D8 tincture, just for shits, giggles, and science. this is the D8 material i used, its the first time ive made it, the total cannabinoids is kinda low, im working on improving my technique. 3dpartyd8

i gotta say though, that tincture i made feels medicinally potent, i can sense a distinct change from a normal isolate based CBD tincture, its wayyy more relaxing. im very curious if d8 is orally active, it feels like it is,but that could just be placebo or something, anyone have anymore data on D8?


yes it is in that article they say

The best delta-8 THC products are extracts that you can use with a vaporizer, or sublingual options which can be absorbed under the tongue. California brand Level has come up with a delta-8 THC tablingual that’s just 3 mg a dose.

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I think i read a paper where they describes a whole host if things d8 would metabolize to when orally consumed. I’ll try and find it.

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Found this product not sure of the reviews but its meant to be ingested


Doesnt say much about ingestion but here is a cool video on d8 from @Deleted

Any input on this one @Deleted



I’ve had two people try an edible made with 68% D8 and 15% cbc and the effects were quite different and less psycho active than regular edibles made with d9 with the conclusion being “less potent and not what I look for when Im buying edibles”

I will update with more info once I get more trials back

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I’ve found this to be inaccurate. Delta 8 IMO converts to 11 hydroxy delta 8 in the stomach (which is stronger than 11 hydroxy delta 9 thc) as everyone who eats my eatables with delta 8 loves them. I dont understand how delta 9,8 and 10 can all become 11 hydroxy delta 9 in the stomach, theres no way you’re going to move that bond like that. I’ve had reports of delta 10 eatable being even stronger


That is good to hear thank you for your feedback. There is not much info on this (if any) so I am hoping this thread will aide those in the future who have this question


Mechoulam did a study mimicking the human stomach, he found any kind of thc converts to 11 hydroxy delta 9 thc. Idk how you could move that bond though on delta 8 or 10 like that. I have a reaction to make delta 8 to 9 but it requires and acid and base. Idk. All I know is my friend ate a half gram of delta 10 and couldn’t go to work the next day. Dude usually would eat a Korova black bar ( 2000 mg delta 9) and it wouldnt phase him. The delta 10 had him on a trip.


Maybe we need to start harvesting human liver enzymes to do our isomerisations :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


3rd report just came in
same report as the other 2 , this subject is 100lbs and hadnt smoked or ate edibles recently

Consumed full 300mg bar over a few hours

  • Lesser high than usual (estimated 50% of the high as usual)
  • Different type of high not that type of like mental head warped stone more of a relaxed high clear headed no groggy feeling in the morning
  • Muchies
  • Relaxed

This is the exact test of the distillate used

4th report:

The cinnamon toast crunch was the normal 300mg d9 distillate made a few weeks ago


Shoutout to @Deleted for that video. Explained in a 2-minute video what takes me 15 minutes to explain to people who ask me wtf D8 is.

What I really want to know is if D8 metabolizes into the same metabolites that are tested for in standard THC urinalysis tests. Has anyone experimented with this?

I have been eating an 80% delta-8 15% CBD distillate every day for three days and it absolutely in psychoactive when administered orally.


link to your lab test please sir


Many friends and family have said that d8 is less psychoactive than d9 when eaten through edibles. However, everyone said it helped their pain/problems just the same.
No one has noticed the difference when vaporized however


D9 is a sativa head high, d8 is an indica body high.

I use to go to events and sell my D8, ppl would come to my booth last and hit the D8 and instantly feel it over D9. They would say it’s much more relaxing with less anxiety and no paranoia.