Decarb Rosin for Vape Cartridges (100% Solventless)

Hey all,
I’m trying to make un-cut flower rosin cartridges (ccell) and have zero interest in using any sort of solvent or cutting agent to do it.

I managed to do it once by decarbing a gram of rosin in a sealed glass jar (standard 5mL dab jar with metal lid, placed on an aluminum tray) in a convection oven at 293F for 8 minutes. The jar sat around, and when I stumbled across it ~7 days later, it looked exactly like this and worked perfectly in a ccell

However, I’m now unable to recreate it, using the same batch of rosin I used previously. It may be worth noting that I used a high-CBD hemp flower rosin, and not THC like what’s shown in that IG post, but it was the same consistency.

Maybe the jar needs to remain undisturbed for a few days to let the terpenes settle back into the oil? Trying that now with five individual gram jars that I decarbed last night.

I also wonder if it may work better with a larger mass of rosin, like in the IG post above

Any insight on how to recreate this consistency? It was remarkably runny, like that oil in the IG post I linked above.


Hey man, interested if you were able to recreate the process?


Up. Maybe someone knows the way? Does jar tec provide this consistency? Next Week our Rosin bomb arrives and i would love to do some carts

I know a few different ways. But if you want it decarbed for an autofiller then I recommend low temps over a longer duration. This way you will alter your terpene ratio less than if you were to quickly decarb at high temps.


Dred explained a low temp decarb on live resin, I imagine you can use the same sop


I seriously love this Platform. Thank you all

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It will take longer but I’d recommend even lower temps. that’s something you can play around with

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This is some hte that needed a second crash, I kinda messed up and applied to much heat, but definitely not near 140. All I did was put it on a heat mat and put a shirt over it. Ended up this by accident

I’d say it got near 120.

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HTFractions via mechanical separation is another way. It’s more work and a lower yield but can be a more flavorful end product if done right.


Already got the fritted tubes. Just waiting to buy my fuge.


Has anyone ever tried or heard of using a cold trap to capture some of the more volatile terpenes that might cook off during decarbing or if having them sealed in a jar keeps them anyway?

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Ideally, there should not be any terpenes cooking off while decarboxylating. To do this, you decarb the rosin under pressure so they can re condense when the final product is brought back to room temp. Like everyone is saying, low and slow. I like to keep a magnetic stir bar in with the rosin as well.

If you want to get real fancy, you can flush the head space of the jar with an inert gas or nitrogen before you seal it to avoid any unwanted oxidation of those compounds.


Does adding pressure have any effect on the temperature required to decarb? Or just the boiling points.



Edit: Doh!! I should learn to read. No coffee yet…

Yes, raises the boiling points, but the idea is to use a closed system and re-condense any vapors produced, so raising the boiling points isn’t the GOAL, and you’re STILL making vapor, it simply can’t escape, so losses are minimized.

Decarb energy requirement should remain unchanged, so decarb temp should too.

Rather than a simple sealed “bomb”, one also could use a vessel with condenser. O2 isn’t good for your volatiles, so a closed system will be presumably give better results


The problem with mechanical separation is people are choosing to do it a very “redneck” way. Fuck using a rosin press for mechanical separation. Order a centrifuge and put fritted disk vials in it and it will mechanically separate without terpene loss.

This guy gets it. Idk why people still use a press for mechanical separation. Open air separation will always cost you terps. Same reason you should vacuum seal your jar before decarbing, but the industry won’t tell you that because then they’ll have nothing better than what you have.

A vacuum would lower the boiling points…wouldn’t it?


Boiling point == vapor pressure is same as ambient.

Lower pressure = lower boiling point.

However, I was replying to @Jarijuana who was referencing RAISING the pressure.

Because we were discussing Decarb under pressure to retain terps?

Lmao my high ass got lost as fuck