debris and frozen water droplets in recovery

Im seeing trs21 seal debris and water droplets frozen when i put my tank on dry ice. How do I trouble shoot this. I have searched on here for these issues but i havent seen it addressed .

Throw away that pump. Toss the extract too.

Get yourself some molsieves and learn how to use them…


so i just transferred solvent to my collection. and cleaned out the tank. it wasnt gasket seals. it was GREEN debris i guess siphoning back , I guess that would explain the water. but i dont keep that open long enough. Oh well it looks like i made a mistake. Im going to redestill and get back to work. I guess upon thinking I may have stalled it and thats where I got some exchange . i will be more cautious in the future. .

i have molsieve 3x10 and it has a heat jacket on it

Green is good (or at least waaay better than seals).

How often do you regenerate your sieves?

Are you running wet (fresh frozen)?

How often should you be regenerating them?

Depends on a number of operational parameters. Often enough that you never see water or green extract.

If you run fresh frozen in production? Every day would be my recommendation.

I swapped the 6x36 sieve out every 30 days running 160lb cured a day and saw no issues.

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i guess im using idiot logic by thinking that using heat on my drying seive and pulling vac on it is enough to regenerate it. SO the answer to your question is nearly never maybe once every 3 months. Yeah im releaved it wasnt seals. I just need to throw some filter paper on top of my columns. still baffles me how it siphoned back from the column but its possible. and Im only doing dry cured.

Use the search bar.

Read. Whole threads not just search hits. Try starting with this one.

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