Dabtabs? Anybody use em?


Has anybody used dab tabs? I just saw this for the first time and am kinda digging the idea. They use ceramic beads that absorb 50mg extract. Then drop on smoking apparatus for a perfect dose every time.


I wonder if the ceramic would absorb oil only or if it would pick up water solubles


A dab sponge?.. pretty cool


Pretty cool, I’d be interested in figuring out how those are made. Cant be too complicated.


That’s what my objective is


Well the company says it’s just extract mixed with a ceramic powder so a good place to start would be figuring out if a ceramic with high thermal conductivity would be better in this application than one with a low thermal conductivity.


Another point to consider is whether the ceramic they use is an inert media or if it has any capacity to adsorb anything.


These lil things peeked my interest as well… My first guess was that someone was using the wrong type of adsorbent/sieve and ended up absorbing there cannabinoids on accident. Then when upon attempting to retrieve them noticed that this stuff could be used as a novel delivery vehicle…


Bet these would work well.


But if they’re are claiming that the tabs are stable/won’t release their payload until around 450 F there’s more at play here…


They probably just use an activated alumina for its high surface area so they can load more extract in each tab.

Could be that desorption of the cannabinoids from the surface of the alumina only occurs past 450f.


Seems like your gonna ROB the extract melting it to the tab…

Otherwise it’s terps only?


Hey @StoneD can u explain what you mean by ROB the extract?


Well…shatter is not absorbing into that, neither will Crystallize anything sugar whatever…

So without altering the extract in any way, terps are the only thing that would naturally go into it…
Melting anything robs terps,no? Heat causing it to evap… Looks cool AF but I can’t see how it beats my dabber


Well I think you may be misunderstanding how it works, they load the extract onto the ceramic by pressing with heat.

I think it would work similar to if you got some wax on the bottom of a coffee mug, it is warm enough its gonna soak jn.


You can heat up a dewaxed extract and it not destroy it, if done properly. These are pre-made for you. I’m pretty sure they only hold up to a certain amount and they just let them all absorb the wax they soak them in


Thats what im thinking


@cyclopath @Photon_noir @Beaker Any thoughts on DIY’ing these nifty little discs?


For a while I dabbed onto hard carbon pellets. I got them from the Petco for fish tank purification. They are VERY hard pellets. I would smoke off of those. I was in a wooden pipe (Briar Wood) kick and loved rhe flavor of puffing oil off the carbon inside a briar wood bowl. My pipe was a reject from when it was made and was found in an attick. Apparently rejects had black market value of sorts. Little dents and nicks makes em reject. It was dated at 1932 and had never been smoked with the original cow horn stem.

The system of binding the compound to a rock hard substrate works beautifully base on my observations with my pipe. The pipe was daily use and by and by it wore out. Lasted a very long time. I bet a good ceramic would perform in similar fashion. There could be technical difference because carbon is an absorbant but when heated to a cherry I am not sure if those differences really matter.

I like the idea of finding a way to accurately dose. I am learning that this med is a miracle worker for comfort when used in concert with pharma pain killers except that it is very simple to dose beyond a comfort level. The effect of too much THC is really anxiety and is a short term side effect but also an unnecessary one if dosing media like this one in the OP are perfected. This would be extract only users of course. Using flower to attempt medical grade relief is not really practical. There is less chance of anxiety but also it just takes so much more for the same dose than extract. Edibles have promise but it is the inhaled aerosol that we inhale from our dab rigs that the compound is best self administered as and these ceramic beads look cool.

Do I think it will catch on? … Magic 8 Ball says “unlikely”. It would take a coordinated PR campaign to explain what they were, and just why you might want them, and precisely why you should pay more to get them. That is a tough sell.


@Beaker Thanks for the quick reply!
A tough sell indeed but for the diy’er who wants a simple solution for measured doses it’s great!
How did you load your carbon pellets and once infused were they sticky/runny or handleable? How much would they hold, any undesirable side effects of this method?

Many thanks:pray: