Dab Cart Tips

I have made a large some of carts in the past but it has come to my attention I can use just terps for them instead of a cut. What is the best ratio of terps to wax I should use, and also is there a better way then just putting mix in a microwave?

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Microwave sounds like something you wouldn’t want to do… Even just a hot water bath wpuld be better im sure


There are a lot of variables like type of coil, inlet hole size and concentration of terpenes but usually around 10-15%


please elaborate, 10-15% what?


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When you are making a batch of pens. You would put in 10-15% terpenes in your desired distillate

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15% might be a bit much


It’s possible yes, going to have to run test’s with it

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12% works really well.
If you have a vac oven, warm your distillate undervacuum just to the point for which the mass is liquids throughout. Add the terps and churn with a butter knife. Trust me on the butter knife.


Im not using distillate just regular shatter.

Shatter should have Terps left in it, no? I’d say use 50-75% what the above reccomend imo.

If ur shatter dewaxed good enough u can use a product like viscosity from true terps,for dist. And winterized product…so good dewax shatter perfect to cut it and add terps back to desired flavor since ull need more cut than someone using thin distalites

Do u get to cut w just terps fine? I find it to off tasting bc takes so much to cut something like dewaxed shatter…goood luck

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A magnetic stir hot plate works well also


edited because I dont think shatter pens are really worth making due to the extreme cut needed to make them work in a pen, and even then the waxes will eff it all up.


This is for small, personal formulations.

When mixing in terpenes heat to the lowest possible temp that can get your oil thin enough to easily be stirred. I suggest between 130-150f or 54-65c. You can heat it hotter if needed, Its just best to keep it in that range because terpenes are very volatile and some start to burn off at very low temps.

Also, mini spatulas are great for getting in the corners of beakers or mason jars when mixing with or without a hotplate/stir bar. Silicone is reactive to terps so don’t leave it in a jar of terpenes and clean it after you stir everything up. I hate that its reactive… but when I can cleanly get every drop out of my jar without leaving anything behind, its worth the mild reactivity that silicone has. These mini spatulas are the SHIT. I used to use them when I was doing small formulations.

A heat gun is the quick and dirty way to heat up a small amount of product in a mason jar/beaker to get things flowing if you don’t have a hotplate. Not the most ideal but its fast. You have to be very careful and gentle when using them to avoid overheating or cracking glass. I suggest an adjustable heat gun so you can put it on a safe temp to avoid heating things too hot. I haven’t used this specific gun but its a cheap digital option.

A hot water bath is also another method to get it to temp, and its safer than a heat gun as long as you don’t get water in your product!

Alarm thermometers are your friend too so you can heat something and stop when you’ve reached the danger zone. This is great for larger jars of oil in water baths.


You microwave your distillate?!? Wtf lol

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It messes up your microwave, but it works in a pinch

What happens to the microwave

The magnetron gets damaged if there is no water to absorb the heat. I mean sometimes I will nuke stuff to heat in a pinch but I have broken a few already. Broke one in front of a forum member too


lmao you sound like me :rofl: