D9 disty or Converted disty? Post CoAs and we will help you identify the source

Here’s the test on that disty I loaded and got paid w and lost customers for a while

Someone help me read it … mainly d8 and cbd…? I’m sure the lil d9 come from me using same tools to dig it out w
I think I may have even added splash of my d9for color then realized test jt

@cyclopath anyone please help me understand this test


That’s a converted liter. Almost 50% D8.

About 2.5:1 D8 to D9 (49% to 20%)

6% CDB so you can tell it wasn’t D9-> D8 they were attempting.

at 76% “recognized cannabinoids”, there are probably several notable peaks on the chromatogram that are not being mentioned (quantified) here.

I find the “total active cannabinoids” rather curious, as it doesn’t include the D8…guessing that’s a legislatorial body somewhere that failed to acquire the necessary clues before making rules on the subject (surprise!).


My suspicion was right!!!

And it was only hot bc I put about 3-5g in 15-25g that crap


They tried making D8 from CBD but didn’t do a very great job at it. 47% D8 20% D9 is prob just some guy playing around with citric acid. So they’re selling it as D9 or selling it to people as D8 and telling people it’s D9.

We really need an at-home method for identifying converted liters.


This stuff looked just like 2nd pass d9 to me

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I split this conversation into a new thread as this is likely to be a popular topic.

Anyone questioning the origin of the distillate they possess, post potency analytics and we will do our best to determine the starting material.


The coloring to match non converted d9 is common knowledge how to do now.

Shout out to Oregon :rofl:


I don’t have the money to test what I was sent, but I am mightly curious as to what’s in it. It was from a member here, but they’ve been incommunicado on the forums as of late. Not hard to figure out whom, since the red disty matches their name. If I see them pushing shit on the forum again, I will definitely have to stop in to say high…


I’ll get it tested and pay for it for u

Send to where I did me and him may trade or ill give him the 40

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I’ll enclose a gram, or two into the SPD stuff I pack today! I’m seriously doubting the COA they sent. Supposed to be 97%+, but is bright red. I allowed some slack because I understand how the discoloration can happen from oxidation alone. I only bought an oz, and they sold it to me pretty cheap. I’m just glad I bought it for myself, and it’s not something I intended for others to use. SO thankfully I don’t have pissed off customers, but I know a lot of the traditional marketers that are getting fucked out there. I feel for you, for real!

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I have to buck down my plants, and pack that shit up today. Hopefully, I can get it out tomorrow, or Tuesday.

It’s really easy to tell now that I been smoking d8

If d8 is less feeling than few hits bud then its d8

D9 is instantly in your eyes and u can feel it, u get happy and such…

The d8 I thought it was working until my stress level went through the roof. D9 I’m laid back stoned. D8 not

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I haven’t smoked D9 in a bit, but I know what you mean… Been smoking flower only for weeks now, but I’m going to pick up some dry ice, and run my plants tomorrow. I wish I had more of each type, so I wish could do separate extractions on each variety. However, I’ll just be throwing it all together to get it run, and use my n-tane I have left.
If the loop doesn’t sell by next Friday, I’ll be packing it up and getting it out on Monday, or Tuesday of next week

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What’s ur temp outside at night right now

That’s what I always did made a collage of extracts. Few single plant runs that’ll never be forgotten

It was fucking 2 degrees when I woke up, but we won’t break the 30’s today. Or in the next couple of weeks. But I feel you, I can run it outside, but it takes forever to condense the N-tane using the regular ice/atmosphere. Takes like 2 hours to run, and condense 6 pounds of solvent without dry Ice. With Dry Ice I can fit 3 runs into an hour. My last run in AK!


I agree that citric acid is a plausible catalyst here


If you are sure that the d9 came from contamination from an outside source then ignore my previous comment. 20% is a lot though are you sure that’s plausible?

I don’t know enough to actually know if this has even been distilled. When I first saw the COA I thought converted un-distilled crude because of the numbers.
My question is, am I right to think this, or? I’m looking for direction, or maybe what to look for so I don’t get had also.