Custom closed loop, kinda like a falling film but not, it has all of the valves

Another item I would like to sell!

This beauty of an active closed loop, in-line dry ice solvent chiller, 6x36 material column, crc column, optimized vertically oriented evaporator (for faster evaporation), sock filter inline between the material column and the crc so no plant material can clog the crc media.

Here’s the part that makes it unique, instead of recovery pumps pumping away the evaporated vapors, there is a a tube and shell condenser on the back of the rack that condenses the evaporated solvent back into a liquid, so that it can easily be pumped off back into the collection tank. You’re not limited by how much pumping power you have, you’re limited by how cold you keep the condenser. Regular old ice water will do well for butane.

There are dedicated valves and lines for n2 injection, dedicated valves and connections for venting n2, dedicated lines for vacuum. Dedicated lines for flushing the crc column, there’s even more that’s not even listed and everything that can be is hard-lined.

It’s a breeze to run this machine

Includes absolutely everything need to run besides material…

Price: 5000

Location: Sacramento, CA but can ship

User support / Warranty: I’ll cover tech support and any valve/ stainless issues for a year.

Uploading: 3D383B15-758F-4202-AEF8-CA0A7F2198C3.jpeg…


Video of recovery:


What are the fittings you’ve used on your hard lines?

They look different from the two ferrule instrumentation fittings most are using.


Edit, read it wrong

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Correct! These actually use a stainless crush furrule

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Got a link to where you can get them? Or brand name?

I don’t actually, I order them through my local hydraulic store. I’m sure you can find them online.

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I have a question off topic from the sale, are you extracting in that tent and if you are what’s your ventilation?

What is this? I’ve never seen a connection like that

I would assume since this gentleman seems like he knows what he’s doing he’s got a fan hooked up to one of the exhaust ports at the very least - most tents already have a ton of holes set up for ducting


Is it safe?

For the jacket

Safe is a relative term.

If you’re a good mechanic and are sure there’s no leaks, you’re free of any sort of electrical hazards and the ducting is sound there is no immediate problems. I’m not sure of the grounding situation on a tent but I’m positive that can be remedied in a few seconds if it is an issue. I would say it’s more of a workflow issue but hey to each their own if they can make it efficient.

Also keep in mind, I’m a solventless guy with a background in electronics who just has a lot of friends who do solvent based extraction.

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I meant that connection on the connection like that. Not the connection to the jacket.

You mean a plastic hose barb


Is that machined into the elbow?

Are you talking about the elbow below it? I just think perspective is playing with your eyes

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Okay that’s what I thought too but I was like I should ask just in case my eyes aren’t fucking with me :octopus::grinning:

It’s just a fucking basic plastic barb…


is it a condensate drain? the whole thing looks good for 5k If the asme label is legit. can you post a pic of what appears to be an official asme tag? and why use a 400 psi guage and I dont see the prv?