Curing Gummies

Hi Everyone!

I’ve started developing an edible line with a local med dispensary. I’ve nailed the gummy formulation of texture and dosing. However, they are wanting the “sugar/citric acid” mix coating the gummies. This has been a true headache because of the humidity levels. My mixture currently consists of sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid and furmaric acid. My understanding that the tartaric and furmaric acids will not draw as much moisture as the citric acid (which is more for taste).

My question is how should these be dried/cured before packaging?

Leaving out to dry is a disaster. We’re located in the South so humidity levels are high and a constant battle for us. I’ve placed racks inside of some “grow tents” outfitted with desiccant dehumidifers (set at 35%) but it doesn’t appear to be working!?!?!?

HELP! Please and thank you :slight_smile:

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You need to dry your gummies longer before coating. You may have to remove some water from your recipe also
Proper humidity control is a big thing in making candy. My kitchen was 18%rh this morning.


I’ve had some luck with Malic Acid in the sugar for coating. Doesn’t seem as hygroscopic.


I got some encapsulated citric acid from Capol and it’s been pretty great so far. No moisture issues. Spoke to a guy named AJ who was super helpful


I dry in corn starch at least a few days. you can then wash it off in cold water and put on drying racks with a fan. I havent used the sour patch style though


Is a quick dip in ethanol, and drying again before coating an option? It’ll help desiccate the gummy’s without having to change the recipe.

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Use Malic acid and Bakers Sugar to coat. Get a dehydrator to stop sweating, you will find you can improve your texture too. also if you seal gummies make sure you do so in a dry area. Don’t trap humidity, make a tiny room or even get a tent and put a dehumidifier in it.

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If you guys need more assistance our formula division dials in high volume recipes full time. That said, our hydrocolloids scientist may be able to help. Short answer is there’s some interplay between ingredients, cook, and cure environment. Proper water activity and sequestering is key. We’re also based in the south so we feel your humidity frustration. Feel free to DM.


Thanks! I did notice that my gummies that rested overnight before de-molding and coated did cure a lot faster. Water content is fairly low in the recipe but the humid conditions of our state make it challenging for sure. Warm Regards :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll look into switching out of the other acids. What is the acidic/tartness level of Malic vs Citric in your opinion?

Yes, I’m considering adding a step of cornstarch during the resting or curing period. Thanks!

it works. just made a batch and its ready to eat.

Yes I have my drying racks inside of fully-enclosed tents attached to dehumidifiers set at 35%. It seems to be working so far :slight_smile:


the recipe I use specifically says they have issues with the sour. So im not sure about that at all. I was cleaning the fridge and found a shotglass of gummy. Im thinking of putting a wick on it and calling it a thc bomb. I would only give it to my worst enemy.

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Thanks so much! Makes a lot of sense. I’ll ping you :slight_smile:

I didn’t read the whole post but what kind of Citric Acid are you using? Citric acid tends to be in two forms, anhydrous and monohydrate. Most of the citric acid you’ll buy is anhydrous and it’s an extremely hygroscopic molecule (it will pull moisture from the air or right out of the gelatin). I’ve never actually used monohydrate and don’t know whether or not that is any less hygroscopic - so that might be worth trying out.

If you want to use citric acid, I would suggest dosing it into the formulation itself and coating with sugar or I would suggest finding a non-hygroscopic acid to coat with like fumaric acid.

Search for my old thread. The guy who helped me is amazing and I got it done!

Sounds good :ok_hand:

Smart idea to place your racks in tents, here in California I don’t have the humidity levels you speak of and can thankfully leave my racks enclosed during curing.
I let my gummies set in the fridge for a day, even 2 in their moulds then lightly toss in corn starch before setting them on their backs on the racks, depending on, I’ll flip them half way through and if they call for citric acid after, I’ll toss before jarring / bagging.

Looking forward to hearing what has worked for you!

I do the same, corn starch in the fridge a few days.