Cultivation Regs for FDA

This is going to sound crazy but traditional nutes is not the way to go. Compost soil and microorganisms will do the work. but they have nothing wrong with using nutrients. I thought it was protocol already they have to be organic? such old age nuttrients and AN just came up with an organic line a year ago. I thought they did this to compete in the market but than again i heard the jungle boys are using only heavy 16. But pesticides/mold has anybody cross reference and Lost Coast Plant Therapy Miticide Insecticide Fungicide. Ive used plant thearpy in the past its amazing but i did not test anything bc you know non traditional market standards are different. Sodium bicarbonate is the best route. ALso im not sure if this has been approved but i found this a whiile ago

tissue culture is the beeez neeeez

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@Dirteagle I will get the master grower in here. He knows every detail of how a plant works. like damaging the outside tissue of the plant if its sprayed 6 days or earlier. He knows exact terminology as im just a rookie under this in depth growing knowledge. I read just about every book of growing x2 and its not even a 10% what this man knows. He will share all his knowledge with everybody. i dont want to confirm he will come but given these circumstances and the love of what he does i dont think it will be hard to convince him. @BG305 i know non explosion fans and so many cfm air exchange is needed in california. Do they have a level they classified us as or do you have a link to a standard we should adbie by? i know a hard chunk of change is put into consulting safety draw out of the facility and what needs to be done by code. If were a community of giving we should have this info readily available and possibly have a trusted consulting group we can bring on this forum that people can contact. GLG approved.

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Thank you sir. Its a start. Im sure yall been hit with health inspection but as the two fellas that came by ours. They didn’t even have an exact checklist. Its like they are trying to develop one in california. I seen infractions that i thought wouldn’t fly but they actually apperciated going to a well develop mostly spotless and highly knowledgable lab. I guess they are use to the bucket brigade :frowning:

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Once you select your genetics and start from seed you can grow an explant. This “clean” plant will be used to harvest clean tissue for long term storage. Then large amounts of disease and pathogen free plants can be propagated.


can propagate with the tip of a leaf, I’ve done it 1000s of times.
its a truly awesome process.
and the only real “cloning”

and produces disease free genetics 95% of the time

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I will put together and email that has our regs that we have to abide by on the cultivation side. What we are building is another level and it was done to ensure CAT lll passes on every crop. We have been CAT lll clean on our outdoor cultivation so it should be a breeze on the indoor level. Especially using aeroponics inside of atmosphere controled environments.

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Yes but continual cloning alters the natural genetic formation of the plant. It eventually will be acceptable to disease and pathogens.

Correct, I can put together some literature on this. The Israelis are really the leaders on this when it comes to cultivation and cannabis related research.

Cloning yes, tissue culture no.


Im guessing we have to find a standard where a plant is to mutated to be used anymore.

Awesome @BG305 my mentor gave me a dropbox link. I want to make sure he is okay with all this before i do but if he jumps on board than its only right he gives the knowledge to yall and links. You will see he deserves this recognition. There is a in depth answer for everything he will provide. But i will say he might ask for a higher up member in this community to come show face at one of his cultivation meetings he leads in the north bay. Im in my 30s and half the age of the rest of them. Its every tuesday. I attend them at least x2 a month.

The most common benefit ascribed to plant tissue culture is that of cloning or mass production of genetically identical oranisms

  1. Rapid multiplication of clones

  2. Genetic uniformity

  3. Aseptic condition

  4. Plant selection

  5. Micro stock plants

  6. Controlled environment

  7. Genetic Conservation

Mohd Sameer
Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences

Maybe we can start a separate thread about this and keep this one clean for the task at hand. Maybe we can have a mod move the cultivation talk elsewhere?


I will say this to everybody i will try my hardest to bring in people who can help us move foward but i expect this thread to not turn into the thunderdome. If it does than we will fail as putting together a national standard. Even worst i will come to the conclusion this industry will have no hope in being united in a professional way. When i came to califorina a few years ago I thought for sure it was California VS. the rest of the states. I was wrong. Its Californina vs. Califorina in the non traditional market. Instead of being in unity and working together and easily everybody could of been millionaires doing it the right way its a shit show with savages that have no remorse. Not all of course but a lot of them i know. I thought the legal side is totally different and it was the pedigree of what its sussosbe to be. Im soon realizing things maybe the same just on a white collar level. Thats another reason why i wanted these threads closed to low level users and have to build rep so you can view and comment these threads. Can we have this happen?

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@BG305 Good idea i feel we have so many topics and we need them all seperate. Like @Dirteagle has shown. the main group for a thread and we can talk about the subgroups under each of them

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Exactly, maybe create a Dropbox for PDF’s and use DM’s for the rest.

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Let me know if I should change the title of this split thread


There is one thing that should be talked about before we get this party started. We will be needing consulting from 3rd parties in the future. Such as i can see this process will be broken down from seed to product. One example @sonomasep pointed out NFPA that is for post process. Does post process labs will be the same standard as process rooms (hydrocarbon extraction)? If not than we will need help to forming this with the building professional institute. @sonomasep you should check them out to help you out on this. Im BPI certified for building envelope and analyst but not commercial standards. They do energy effiecny audits including checking air pressure through your whole ac system for leaks in duct lines and plenums. These will not be free. I know the GLG has there fund and i will never expect those funds to help since that is for a whole another thing. But if @Future would allow a possible non profit donation that’s strictly for these things than im sure the community would help bc this is ensuring every worker is safe and businesses are protected. Tbh this should not have no minimal if we get a dollar its a dollar and possibly if they pay more they can get a shirt or something that say they help contribute. we can figure out that later but we have to be realistic bc im sure if this is only going to be just a few of us doing this than funds might get hefty. ALso this donation has to be tracked and we should have this shown to the public of not the donors but how much money it is and show where the money goes so everybody is happy knows this going to the needs that will become.

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I’m interested and curious to see your cultivation regulations as well

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