Crazy amount of air bubbles after filling carts

That’s how you make any cart leak if you heat it for too long, definitely less is more.


Sorry if I was confusing, but the mix wasn’t bubbly when I loaded the cart farmer reservoir, nor was it bubbly when it was drawn into the syringe or when it was dispensed into the cart. I would understand if it was bubbly initially, bubbles in = bubbles out. But the oil was clear and bubble free when injecting, which is why I’m so boggled.

I sat the carts in my vac chamber, I did not pull a vac, heated the chamber to 100’f, let the carts sit for a few hours, temps were 90-95’f, all the bubbles have risen to the top, carts look perfect and fine.

Don’t need to top them off, because the oil wasn’t full of bubbles when I loaded them, so they’re was a full ml of oil injected in all of them.

Could the temp difference of the oil / empty carts be an issue? The carts were at an ambient temp of 65’f, so maybe the hot oil into a cold cart isn’t the best. I always have a hard time getting the oil to fill the bottom, it usually has to settle, maybe if the carts were 100’f already, the oil would settle/load faster

  1. What temp did u INJECT? Be honest

BC u said ur not using disty correct. How long did u heat it to 212f 100c. . Did you wait for it to stop bubbling?

If not the when u heated on hot plate to load u started the decarb process…u forgot one step. Heat at 100c till bubbles stop…left cool to 50c ish. Add Terps. Mix well load and go. I like to load about 150-160f

Next time heat the mix on hot plate before adding terps to 100c wait till bubbles stop

Problem solved
…thank you come again

seriously who’s hiring me for their shop? :joy::rofl::green_heart::rofl::rofl::green_heart:

If u didnt decarb before and using something other than disty this is 100% ur problem.

No shit guys I’ll relocate for $100k salary…I learn fast what I don’t know :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Your issue…missed the last step Decarb . It releases bubbles and lots of em while activating the thc. Your carts will get you higher as the cold dont have to work as hard to convert the thca to thc w heat. And wont bubble

I’ve heard some say u can do about 60% decarb and thats plenty to keep the from sugaring up w the heat from the cart.

If your shatter oil already taste good by itself and doesnt need terps added to flavor. Just decarb it and.when it’s done let it cool some and load it just like that. Will taste great. Some ppl add about 3-6% tasteless terps from floraplex, this strictly so u can taste the shatter oil ur using. 1.5mm carts need to be thinned some imo w terps/tasteless keeps/ and or CBD CBD disty just to flow
2.0mm carts can be added raw imo

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Careful with that. Especially if you have 2mm intake holes. Gets a lil slurpy in the post


air leak somewhere in the gun? that would do it. @tweedledew that sounds interesting. how long does it take?

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It’s just a lazy way or warming it up. The bubbles will float to the top and the carts will get unified. Probably 20-30 min or something

I’ve had this happen with co2 oil when using fill temps over 80C. This is decarb. We realized it before we had filled too many carts so I put the oil on the rotovap sans heat and let it rotate under vacuum to remove the CO2. We then resumed filling carts using reduced temps with no issues.

It’s amusing, I’ve always seen people say it’s a requirement to decarb your oil for carts, but personally I’ve never done it. I’ve made 500+ carts for friends and family, never decarbed once. I don’t have the equipment to do color remediation, and people aren’t a fan of super dark oil, so I never decarb. I know I could reintroduce less terps if I was to decarb, as the oil would become thinner, but I only use 6% hemp terps and I’ve never really had an issue. I know my oil decarb’s to a certain extent, considering i vac purge it at 160’f for 5-7 days, but I’ve never fully decarbed any oil I’ve put into carts. I use to purposely use the lowest temps I could, to preserve the natural terps and oil taste. That’s why my friends love my carts, it’s more like smoking dabs then smoking super refined boring ass distillate. Because I don’t decarb my oil, it retains its full cannabinoid profile, so when you smoke you are affected by the synergistic effect of the various cannabinoids, causing the high to be more akin to doing dabs, instead of distillate.

Only reason I got bubbles this time, is because of how hot I ran the reservoir. Regardless, with minimal heat the bubbles settled and the carts work great :+1: another successful run.

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Pretty sure at that temp for that long you’re decarbing a good deal more than you think. 160 for a week is a long time.

Dred did this awhile ago, and it seems all of the thca was converted.


Definitely decarbing @ 160. That happened in a day or so. Or less.

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Co2 oil under 50c. Is this decarb? Any agitation would cause this “root beer“ affect.


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Looks like its decarbing or more solvent purging

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I run my decarbs from 80-110c (CBD). When you heat and agitate that co2 oil and you see small bubbles that is a bi-product of decarbing if you see larger bubbles that may be solvent. Decarb should take about 2 hours at that temp


So, we just experienced this exact same thing. We usually don’t decarb our oil for carts, and we add terps for viscosity. My question… questions… so many…
For those that do decarb, what is your parameters? time and temp?
Do you add your terps afterward, not at all?

Is there any other reason besides this decarbing that would cause what we have…?
Stable in the vessel, stable during injection, and then it’s like air hits it and it starts to bubble… like fizz…

(First time poster here… )

100% decarbing. See how small the bubbles are on the shaft of the cart. That’s not caused by air in the fill.


There’s one other cause for this that’s separate from decarbing or filling temp. I do not know exactly why this happens but this is actually common when certain terpene alcohols are present. The bubbles always dissipate in a day or so but I’ve seen multiple isolates cause this.

If only hemp terpenes were used this would unlikely be the case but I suppose you could just have a unique terpene profile on your hands. I’ve seen relatively high amounts of Bisabolol and Nerolidol in hemp terpenes before so it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility, just unusual. If it’s this, point me in the direction of whoever is pulling them because that’s very interesting for hemp. The terpenes would probably have a slightly higher viscosity than a typical monoterpene-dominant essential oil.

If it’s a simple decarb issue then you’d know within a few days. My guess is that it’s just air bubbles from drawing the oil up quickly with a syringe.


Warning: extremely limited sample size. Unknown method of action. Probably BS.

We have had some reports of the bubbling issue on a few batches even when dispensed at 45c (res) / 55c (needle) / 50c (valve / syringe)

We eventually resolved the issue by modifying the draw speed of the syringe so that little to no vacuum is pulled. The plunger is drawn back at approximately the same speed as the pressurized oil fills into the syringe, allowing the N2 to push it in rather than mechanically pulling the oil in via vac.

No idea why this worked, or if we just pushed past the oil that was showing this behavior… But something to start looking at. If we get any more customer reports, will update this thread with findings.