Communist China BOOFgate

Grab your popcorn:
Let’s have a fun little discussion about how communist china companies are stealing patents, selling complete garbage equipment, marking up cheap knockoffs and selling the average user unsafe equipment.


Bump. I’d love to see where this goes. Show me what you gotttttt

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I don’t think anyone can argue that there are many in China who do all these things. However, to think EVERY Chinese company does this is nonsensical.


I agree but name one…
Chemtech, Buchi, ThermoFischer…all not Chinese

Why not talk about how Americans swarm to buy them ?:thinking:



This wouldn’t be as big of a problem if there wasn’t a huge group of people out there hypnotized by the low price tags.



We’re trying to change the notion that anything made in china is garbage. We’ve been manufacturing stainless steel for pilot operations in the brewing industry for twenty years and have over 200 successful breweries all over the world: Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Costa Rica, Colombia, The Cayman Islands, and 37 states out of 50 in the US. We broke into the cannabis market last year by teaming up with two excellent extractors who have ten years combined experience and we started engineering Falling Film and Wiped Film systems. Everything is engineered in the US and comes with US support and it’s manufactured at a facility we own in Shenzen. Our goal is: Chinese prices with American quality and support. I welcome you to come by my office in Murrieta California and check out some of our hardware and prices yourself. Most people who come in are very pleasantly surprised.


I got a chance to go meet the @GreenMachine_Consult group and see their work. They are a wonderful group of people and their quality is flawless.


Love the idea, hope it takes off!

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This is the right way to do it and best of both worlds IMO. I have close friends that produce and package private label cosmetics and source all their packaging and formulations from the exact same factories in China that produce for all the other big names. They have very few QC issues. If they do have QC issues, their ass is on a plane flying to Shenzen to figure it out or find a new supplier. After putting in the work to set their suppliers straight, big surprise, the problems went away.

People out there getting greedy thinking they can have it all (cheap, good, fast, newest) without realizing that nothing in life comes for free. You’re either paying for it in experience, time, or straight up hard work.


I agree. I know a lot of “US” companies that are in fact getting all the hardware manufactured in China. And you know what, their products are actually good. Because they’re the ones who designed them. I know someone who right now is getting custom wiped films made in China to exactly their own design, and flew out there to make sure the work was being done as specified. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. If anyone’s greedy it’s the people getting chinese equipment and marking it up 3x with little more than a new motor on it.


Your that mad that cema dropped these filters lol jesus

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I definitely agree. Part of that might be because they designed them better but the other huge factor and the big underlying issue with foreign trade is tied to liability. A US company putting out a faulty or dangerous product is held liable so they NEED to do their due diligence. Middlemen selling cheaply manufactured products from a computer in China cannot be held liable when the product is improperly designed, dangerous, junk materials, or all of the above. They already made their money and most of these sales people don’t even sell under their real name. They use fake Alibaba, DHGate, and even Instagram accounts using a photo of a younger Chinese woman to appear disarming. They don’t have anything to lose.

I would gladly pay a premium to buy something manufactured in China from a reputable company based in the US. The US company vetted the materials, they designed it, they have their reputation, financial and legal liability to withhold their promises. Since they’re charging more, they don’t have the luxury of being able to just create a new DHGate, eBay, or Alibaba account when things go south. Unless you’ve got someone stationed in Shenzhen you’re going to get burned.

How much do yours sell for again? Talk about markup.
You and spdking should hangout. You can tell eachother how much you hate china lol


You do realize we price and sell at retail or below retail/MSRP.


Cool? Nobody and i mean nobody mentioned your prices here

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Ya well lets see how n b oler handles the situation his broken disc caused.


I guess i sell chinese boof filters. :rofl::joy::rofl:

They seem to work at a significant price break. Its not so much about powders making it around the filters as much as breaking a paper filter.

Once xtractor depot started selling the cema plates…id only be stupid not offering them.

Sorry this could have an effect on the people your working with. Ive always referred indofab and nboler if you can afford it, but for those who cant. i have an option. I cant afford the equipment like you said above nor came from a lab atmosphere.

This is a funny thread and kinda racist but thats for another day. Hope this brings you guys joy. I sure had a great day today.

More boof plates will be in on Monday if you wanna join the boof club! :rofl::wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


No bradda of course not. I just drank too much coffee and was bored.
I think it’s funny one on hand but on the other I think it’s responsible to address some of the ridiculous activity of this industry.
I can’t even imagine how hilarious it would be if someone showed up selling knock off pipettes to the lab.
The real issue at hand is uneducated people being sold products that are designed to make money and morning Ben legitimate.
Of course Darwin wins, play stupid games win stupid prizes.
That being said, same reason I wouldn’t tell someone to Use acetonitrile without them fully understanding the SDS and, handling and protocols. All of this information can become dangerous in the hands of

People are gonna eat McDonald’s doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous to say thats a bad move
And yes the whole industry is coming up and there’s growing pains on every level.
But, you get to see people’s true character on their actions.

If I sold you hemp isolate that was contaminated with ecoli and I didn’t tell you becqaue I made 4M on the sale…i would be a scumbag
What I do know is that it sucks majorly when someone buys a wiper that is shit and loses big.
But the guy selling the shitty wfe doesn’t care and goes sailing in warm water


Can I come swing through your office in Cali?