Co2 terp extraction


I am currently running a dual 20L system that uses supercritical co2 for extraction. My parameters for terpene extraction are 1200 psi for 1 hour without the heater pump on. Unfortunately, you can not accurately control the temperature of the columns directly, so I just turn the heater pump off and the columns get down to about 80-85F during the terp extraction. This is what the Terps I pull look like. Any Recs or suggestions?


Try lowering your pressure just a little. supercritical co2 is just shy of 1100psi.

I use to run a similar setup for my terp pulls but would set my pressure at 1100psi


Heres the tech for terps

pressure ~800psi
Temp as low as you can go, my chiller was shit (IES bleh) so i set it for 50 degrees f and would stop the pump when the temp went above 60.
stopping you co2 pump midprocess allows for some valuable soak time


65° @ 1400psi 4hrs. Seperator temp is to high. Drop 10°


As you increase the rate of circulation of the co2 watch the temp of your chiller. This dictates your recovery rate along with your air compressor driving the co2 pump.


So the key is to get as close to supercritical point as possible?


My current parameters for terps are one hour at 1200 psi in reactor column, 75 psi in separator (where terps collect), and without any heater pump on, it gets to about 80-85F. Do you think this is sufficient? If I went down in pressure, should I have a longer run time?

What about the post-extraction of cannabinoids? My current post-terp parameters are 18 hours at 4000 psi in the reactor and 275 psi in separator.


Thats a great idea to pause the system mid-run to allow co2 to soak in the material. How long would you recommend, 10 mins?


Corrrect ive tested at 33% total terp extraction off of afgan haze


Correct to which part? What are your post-terp cannabinoid parameters?


Lower pressure would equate to lo ger times.
Ill have to check my notes but im pretty sure the seperator should be much higher. 500ish…


okay that is what I figured. Please let me know when you can. I appreciate you!


What are your parameters for post-terp cannabinoid extraction typically?


Ive never gone over 2100 psi on the material column.
Material Static Temp 65-70. Cool/Warm to touch
Seperator Static Temp: 85-95 Warm/Almost Hot to touch.
Start Up. Pressize to 1400 run 2-4 hours
2nd Fraction boost to 1800 4-6 hours.


Id refer to tge winterization thread here. Bullet proof info.




What are your typical THC yields (% THC by mass) and potency % (THC in start material/THC in end crude oil)?


How much material (in lbs) do you typically run?


So the key is to get as close to supercritical point as possible?