Co2 terp extraction


20L = 8lbs ground


The supercritical pressure and temp for CO2 is 87.98F and 1071 psi. So shouldn’t I try around these parameters?


What are your typical THC yields (% THC by mass) and potency % (THC in start material/THC in end crude oil)?

50-58% is typical for CO2 extraction
80-90% Post Winterization
No data for material prior to extracting.


Your terps should be bright yellow. Subcritical is the best for terps in my experience.

for best yield on cannabinoid extraction i would decarb the material first


Which parameters worked best for you for both terpene and post-terp cannabinoid extraction?


These run paramaters have produced well for Terp Extraction via 20L Co2 Apeks:

|Avg Ext PSI|1091|
|Avg Ext Temp |83.5F|
|Avg Sep PSI|257.8|
|Avg Sep Temp|51.2F|

Run Time 9mins per lb input.


This is awesome, thank you. I will report back with my findings after my study is complete. I was wondering, though, do you have parameters for post-terp cannabinoid run? I do not remove the material from the column to decarb, i usually just run at 4000 psi in reactor and 275 psi in separator for 18hrs to increase yields.


Do you think Sep PSI of 75 is too low, which results in my small yield of terps?


The SOP the CO2 equipment company provided for my CO2 terpene extraction is 1200 psi in reactor column (where material is) and 75 psi in separator column (where terps/oil collect) for 1 hour. Temperature in reactor column is around 85F. I have read some posts on here that differ wildly from this, including one that stated he ran his at 1100/ under 350 psi for 5 hours at supercritical temps??


Ran an Apeks for 3 years

Terp Pulls
Extractor Column: 1100 psi
Temp: 75°f
Target Separator Column Pressure: 200-250psi
Duration: 60min

Extractor Column: 2800-3500 psi (depends on material)
Temp: 100°f
Target Separator Column Pressure: 200-250psi
Duration: 8-10hrs (depending on material)

when I first started using the machine, I used to follow Apeks’ parameters religously. As I gained experience with it, I found myself having to make adjustments and ultimately sticking with the parameters I listed above.

As far as 5hrs at supercritical - I did hear through the grapevine of some folk using the supercritical function for extended durations with the theory that the ‘gentle’ extraction would not only pull the terps but also bring over some THCA with the end goal of harvesting crystals. Never got to try it myself so cant speak of its success rate - if at all?


ultimately, yes.

I was taught by lowering your pressure, you’re doing a more ‘gentle’ extraction thus having the ability to pull only target compounds which in this case would be the terpenes. The more you increase your pressure, the more you pull over into your sep column. With supercritical Co2 at 1071, my theory was to increase my pressure just over that threshold to ensure I am in supercritical stages. That is why i suggest 1100psi :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the great info – much appreciated!

Does your duration of cannabinoid extraction depend on how much material you use? What is your typical conversion in terms of mass of plant material to run time (for terps and cannabinoids)?

I am using a machine by a new company called Xtraction Services. It is a dual 50 L SFE, and cannabinoid extraction pressures were recommended at 4000 psi. Any experience with co2 extraction at this high pressure?


Correct - I’d shorten the duration for low potency material like trim, longer duration for nugs.

Apeks also recommended 4000+psi on their high pressure unit. I used to run both their high pressure and low pressure unit side by side in my previous lab and the low pressure always outperformed the high pressure unit in yield and color. It led me to believe that with such a high pressure, it was too aggressive and thus pulling over a lot more undesirables. The material would come out very dark, dry and hard as oppose to a bright yellow/orange muffin.

When I started at my current lab, I walked into another high pressure Apeks but immediately started treating it like their low pressure and would run the parameters listed above.

I’m not familiar with Xtraction Services but would assume they’ve got a support line. My advice would be to follow the parameters they provide and adjust accordingly. it’ll take time and effort to get it dialed in but totally worth it. Good luck!


Here is an example of an oil pull I had at 4000 psi in extractor, and 275 psi in separator for a 16 hour run. I am sick of coming away with this brown, hard, and dry oil that you so accurately described.

The recommended parameters were 1200/75 psi for 1 hour for terps, and 4000/275 (normal pressure parameters) for 16-20 hours for cannabinoid post-terp run. I think both are a bit too high. I am going to experiment with your parameters. Thanks again!


@TerpFiend another one


keep us posted! would love to see the comparison


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I dont have too many actual cannabis related posts but I’ve got a ton of good videos on my archive feed under ‘DabLab’. Although I’ve switched to Etoh, theres still a few videos up that show my terpenes and some with the actual harvested material! Should give you an idea of the color/yield I was achieving with those parameters.

now thinking i should probably get some of those videos onto this forum :thinking:


Yes too low get above 200.


I just purchased a 20l Apeks and initial terpene run was:
8.4 lbs of tissue;
set chiller at 75f
extractor vessel set at 1200 psi;
sep was about 375-400, set at 27f
did my pull at 42 min.
pull came out yellow / waxy looked like styrofoam balls.

suggestions for getting a more liquid type result?


Try lowering your pressure to 1100 and getting your sep column warmer during the run. the first picture looks like you have some ice in your collection…