Co2 terp extraction


Any luck?



we lowered our pressure to 1000 and pulled every 5 min, with the first 2 pulls looking the best. We have the chiller set at 60f. We can only set the temp for the extraction vessel - the sep. vessel temp is a function of the flow through from the extraction vessel. How high would you recommend setting the chiller?


I had my chiller/circulator set at 75°F for Terpene pulls

Looks like you’re getting some good pulls!


Thanks, gonna start bumping up the temps and see what happens.


Just re-read your initial question as well…

Is your sep pressure still between 375-400? I always kept my sep pressure under 300 but above 250 - I would use oriface #15/16 for Terps and #9 for cannabinoid runs.

Hope that helps


I need to check my notes on the sep pressure but i think it’s right around 300. Curios how you settled on the orrifaces - Apeks provides a 28 & 35 as part of their package. will changing the orafaces to your recommendations improve the results of terps/cannabinoid runs significantly?

thanks alot! this is the kind of nuances i’d like to begin exploring -really appreciate the community here. for terps we lowered our ext psi to about 1000, chiller at 75f and pulled at 5, 10, and 15 min and were surprised at how much better our terps looked. so far, after 15 min, more waxy material and will probably just pull at 15 min. thoughts?


It sounds like Apeks has made some changes to their unit for the better…

I last worked on their 2015 model and had orifices’ from #1-18. I had to play around with the different sizes to achieve the desired target sep pressure for both the terp and cannabinoid runs. If your sep pressure is right around 300psi than it sounds like youre already good


Yeah but at that low pressure you’re probably not pushing liquid CO2 you’re only pushing gas so your yield might not be as good. I suggest getting closer to Super critical at like a thousand PSI. Definitely low temperature like 85 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit.


800 psi is definitely liquid.

Edit: Provided it’s cold that is.



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Yeah but I have heard that some of the stainless steel produced in China can leach into cannabis oil. I’ve also heard there’s some good manufacturers. That just depends I guess. I go with vollrath made in USA


Yes of course I was concerned about the temperature. If you have the temperature low enough you’ll have liquid.


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Thanks, much appreciated.