Chris @theclearscientist IG - Unpacking the beast

I have seen some threads discussing Chris’s @theclearscientist IG setup and the astronomical scale of his processing facility. Unpacking this killer setup would be fascinating. Hell of an engineering project. Who else is out there who is coming close to this processing scale?


Cannopy Corporation out in Southeastern Colorado has been doing massive scale for some time. I met them last March and they were doing 100,000kg biomass/ month back then.


100/kg of what ?
Clear scientist is extracting 100000 lbs or kg a day would be around 1000 liters of crude a day

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Oh my bad 100,000kg biomass/month. I’ll fix that.

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I saw @Future mention: Chris the Clear Scientist wins. His wipers can do 10k lbs/hr, his hexane extractor 100k lbs/hr.


Any recent updates on Paragon Processing I recall mention of envisioned processing of 1,000,000 lb/month biomass.

I believe you mean a day. I highly highly highly doubt he’s doing 1.6 million pounds per day… they’d process all the hemp in the entire US in like 2 months


Cool whos going to buy all that?


Yes, I do think Future meant per day when he posted this. If not I am astounded by this scale.

I saw his IG and MAN is that impressive!

Anyone have a clue what that entire plant cost? Ballpark?

If you are lucky these plants can be free if you promises jobs and to clean up when you leave
You will be surprised what deals can be made
These sites cost millions to clean so if you take the contract and all that’s in
Many are more than happy


have you seen their warehouse full of barrels of crude? no one… its just being sat on. i hope theyve got deep pockets


Thats a lot of resources just for bragging rights.


@Sacextraction Paragon can process 6000L (crude) a month of CBG and CBD. Hope that helps

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What’s the company name? With his level of competence and a facility that size, I’d assume they have some pretty stellar distribution infrastructure.

Federal Hemp. I’ve literally never heard of them outside of his posts. Don’t think they’re gmp compliant :rofl:

Like you visited the facility?

Yeah they were the first guys to offer me a job in this industry. I went out and it’s a massive compound out in the middle of nowhere.


Were going to be doing 100 000 pounds a day

All with membranes / no evaporation

The future is ExtracTech in Nevada

Watch and see

Already got the ceramic membranes incoming


Can do, and yes per hour. He’s not running the extractor at anywhere near full cap. This is where most large scale plant oil extraction plants are at capacity wise, although most don’t use wiped films…

I was under the impression that it’s all toll, and some fraction of the payment was to be delivered in crude, but getting $$$ for most of it.

He negotiated an epic deal with that facility, he’s doing just fine out there.

I’m working with several other extractors at that scale as well, all them converting plant oil extractors, one working directly with Crown to build a new Hemp specific hexane extractor at scale.

These guys are making good money on canola oil and such… Even if crude loses 100x and is only $7/kg, if toll rate is $0.50/kg and you can do 100,000kg/hr, 24/7, 360 days a year…

People will buy and consume CBD when it’s appropriately priced.

Not to mention they are all readily setup to process Cannabis Seed Oil, which is almost certainly going to hold its value better than CBD