Chinese Rotovap


Across international is their USA distributor.


I rock one. I think I posted a vid of it in use somewhere on this site.

I also own their 5l spd along with their 2l rbf and mantle yo run smaller batches.

Usalabs is 40mins away. So being able to buy items at ease is well worth a small extra fee.

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Still for sale?


Recently got a 5l rotovap from lab1st on eBay, went with the turnkey package with chiller/water aspirator vacuum. So far so good.


Interesting. I’ve been wondering about the water aspirator and how well it works to evap alcohol.

It’s so weird to see insulation in the background on your lab. Totally not legal in my state.


It works pretty well but I did notice a reduced vacuum after 4hrs of running when the unit got pretty hot. I compensated by rasing the temp of the rotovap water bath to 60c.

I can’t seem to find a link for the water aspirator on its own but I know best value vacs sells it separately. I’m sure it could be found cheaper directly from China however. This is the unit in the photo from the rotovap listing:

I should add I’m still in the process of setting up the lab, got a little excited and jumped the gun but things are being setup in a new area without insulation.


From what I remember, the water needs to stay cold during prolonged use, for any use for that matter. The water got warm after “4hrs”, and compromising the chilling capabilities. Add ice often, half, drain, and replenish with fresh cold water and ice and you should be golden.

I use tap, drains into my 55g drum for my plants. I tried a 315gph pump, it didnt have enough power to move the water properly they my 5l rotovap


To confirm are you talking about adding ice to the aspirator when using it as a chiller as well?

I’m just using the water aspirator to pull a vacuum.

I use a separate chiller for the condenser set to -23C.


I believe I read it here about the water needing to be cold and kept coom to work properly. Reason why I never bother with an aspirator. Welch wobl for vacuum and tap or small pump and a 5gal bucket for chilling


I use this for my rotovap with a in between the pump and the rotovap. I have a hose in hose kinda rigged set-up I hold vacuum with no leaks but there are hose reducers.


Lanphan_industry looks like it has a promotional campaign. Have you bought any from him


anybody here ever use the Goldleaf rotos?


Even if the water is kept nearly ice cold on an aspirator it still won’t pull as deep a vacuum as even a well-worn Welch Duoseal. Plus it is guaranteed to warm up significantly if you use the roto for more than about 20 mins at a time.

Whether that tradeoff is worth it in exchange for not having any problems with vapors diluting important lubricating oil is an exercise I’ll leave for the reader to answer.

On that note, anybody in the Denver area needs 1-6 aspirators, 220V, HMU I’ll sell them cheap!


Nothing against them but there are definitely cheaper means of getting Chinese rotos


We have all our remaining rotos for 50% off so you are unlikely to find a better price even straight from China after shipping and tariffs. We are phasing them out and will no longer be selling the standard rotovaps after so get them while you can.


In that case if price being an equal factor i would certainly opt for buying here in the states, especially from you guys!


goldeaf’s are cheaper than ai


awesome, is the 50% off price the price that is currently shown on your website? I’m looking at the 20L, says its $7750.


i was basing pricing on @BromaW-Manager 20L i think was under 2k shipped


I am manufacturer from China
For rotovap, there are 5-100L and I could provide good price with u
If u want it, pls dm me and I will send the quotation to u