Chinese Rotovap


Im looking for a cheap Rotovap solution to get some Ethanol extraction going. People seem to think that Ai is same quality as Chinese. Can anyone suggest a Chinese supplier they have used thats good to do business with?

PS I realize that buchi and other Euro models are lightyears ahead in quality, just looking for temp solution to get started in ethanol for cheap quick solution.



I use their 5l rotovap.


RE-501 on ebay or online through aliexpress or alibaba. should be about 1k.

I paid 1k for my Buchi Dewar setup used on ebay and im using a 3L collection and boiling flask found on ebay used.


Touch Science seems to be legit haven’t used em but its what I’m probably going to buy. Future has had good things to say about them. Also they are super quick on quotes and spec sheets.


Just make sure if you are also buying a chiller from touch science that you buy the next size up from what he recommends. His rotos are great


Got a link for torch science.

What I have noticed, is there seems to really be 2 types of rotos coming out of China. All the solventVaps seem to be rebranded lab1st roto’s (across international). And there is a different style with the manual lift.

My problem is finding a reasonably priced chiller. Although, I have been finding some decent used stuff on eBay.


I have an re-501 I like it. I’ve had it for a year so far and no complaints. Though I use a heating mantle.


We use a big ass hydroponic chiller that is built into the wall, as to exchange the heat outside.
The chiller provides plenty of muscle for an entire lab bench, multiple roto’s, and a 4" diffusion pump. The chiller is a chill king brand, little giant pump used to move all the h20/glycol.


Thanks for all the great info guys !
I reached out to touch science and the guys english is pretty good and he seems helpful. Hey Fortune, do you remember which model you thought was best for a 50L ? He’s quoted me on the 50/30 and the 50/40


I use a fish tank pump in a super chilled 5 gallon bucket with super saline (water with a shit ton of mortons salt lmfao) water and dry ice to chill my condenser.


What size pump did you use? My little 315gph didnt cut it. Lol

Used my tap, then the “waste” water went into my grow room water barrel.


we have a 20 liter buchi for sale if interested


JP-056 Fish tank Pump it does 2700L/h


Dr Josh we know you have stuff for sale you offer gear in ever thread. Please stop soliciting and start adding to the conversation I think you will find you will sell a lot more stuff. 90% participating and 10% selling, try it :wink:


I have someone one that may be able to help. But please note that the trump administration imposed new tariffs this month of October 2018 on items that didn’t have tariffs last month. Im going to DM you his info and catalog. Anyone interested in importing goods from China, get ready for the price increases due to antidumping!


I’ve had nothing but good luck with touchsciene and I can personally say that Ai is Chinese I have rwo rotor and the only difference is the mailbox stickes that our on rhere’s


Ghetto roto is when you buy a 100$ mantle and 50$ head and multiple $25 condensers with ice and water in a bucket and $20 water fountain pump . $250 rotovap .


Buy a used Welch oilless pump for $100-200 as well on eBay


Welch wob-l diaphram pump


But it still wouldn’t be spinning out the solvent which is the whole point of rotovap It also speeds up recovery/distillation of the solvent and cuts down on residence time. I used to use my short path for alcohol distillation and it was a bitch I used a large fractional column attached to a straight condenser, a spiral ghram condenser and another straight condenser and I still didn’t get as quick of a recovery as a my rotovap.

Dry Ice and Water with salt in it works better than just ice.