Chinese Rotovap


I’ve never tried dry ice and water. I thought that would cause tons of boiling? Very true it doesn’t work so wonderful like a rotovap but when you got no money sometimes that’s the only option .


A 120.00 tabletop alcohol distiller will work just fine for personal home use. Its been discussed greatly the last week.


I’ve done it with only one condenser and a cold trap . Works flawless besides the time it takes


If you got spare glass and creative mind . You could build your own rotovap using this motor and a home made built stand. With a pancake Griddle and a pan of water . For maybe same price as the table top but all work great


I was wondering about touchscience I tried to buy a couple rotos from him this summer and the routing got flagged and pulled back last minute saying it was a scam and not even an existing bank. Anyone have luck with touchscience ben that can verify before I purchase a few rotos from him.


I had great luck with chinese roto on dhgate


Boiling… You mean splashing from the dry ice and salt water? Yeah there’s a bit of back splash which is why I keep my area covered so it doesn’t splatter all over everything. The one thing I’ve come to realize over time is use a 5Gal bucket and don’t fill it all the way up and ratio the dry ice intake so that a shit ton of water doesn’t fly everywhere or start over flowing out of the bucket. A towel over the bucket helps reduce splashing and as for “circulation” I legit just stir the water bath with a straining spoon.



Is that a dry mantle I see?


I don’t use my water bath because it doesn’t start on for mote that 28 seconds and then knocks out my power, so I needed a low power option. I’m actually trying to sell my 5L water bath that came with the rotovap.




There legit I’ve ordered from them and so have a lot of other people I know m, never had a oeoblem with there stuff. Sometimes the international wires get flagged if they want a better description of the item or etc: either way there a good company


Why don’t you use this and a bucket of water . Same price as that mantle and a lot more accurate and can have the flask spinning and slashing in the water having fun. One of the best tools I’ve ever came across . I’ve used for distilling, roto, purger, recovery of closed loop, even to cook and it’s like magic.


sounds like you have an electrical short, or you have too maney things that you are running on that circuit.


Dm me a $
I like to have back-up spare parts.


Thank you concentrated_hombold for the confirmation


Has anyone here had experience with the Lab1st rotovaps?


I put in an order with Merlin from touch science so we will see how that goes.

Does anyone have a cheap way of automatically regulating the vacuum pressure so that it has stable evaporation without having to manually keep adjusting it?


How much are those 5l units from them


Not sure, I just got quote on the 50L