Chinese Rotovap


Lol we don’t even sell 2L rotovaps. Before you start talking smack why don’t get your facts straight.


Lol typo. Meant 5L get off your high horse.
Lanphan doesn’t sell 2L rotos either


Lol typo. Meant 5L. Get off your high horse. Lanphan doesn’t sell 2L rotos either


Why would anybody want to support someone that comes at people like that? Keep selling your Chinese stuff at a crazy markup. Your exactly what the community needs


When you say we are “raping” people then sorry it’s going to come off as offensive and I’m going to fire back. Before you compare pricing make 100% sure it’s the same thing.
Does it have an electric lift or is this the hand crank version?
Are they giving you a shipping price also so you can make an accurate price comparison? Have you factored in tariffs and customs fees?
Have you compared the after 50% off pricing or just the list on our website?
Do they have a U.S warehouse which they store spare parts, offer technical support, and such? Obviously there’s a lot more to think about besides the sticker price.
We are not going to be offering rotovaps any longer specifically because you can buy them directly Chinese. There’s little value in being your middleman. We are onto the new design that will effectively make all other rotovaps obsolete


I’m looking for a 20L rotovap that I can acquire here in the states for a good price. it can be used, I would like to be able to pay cash for it, I’m in Northern California. anybody got any leads for me?


I’m currently trying to decide between a 5l rotovap in 110 or 220. Anyone have experience with 110v models? Would it be worth it to just pony up the cash to run another 220v outlet?


220v plug could come in handy for other things. I’m wiring my lab now with lots of 220 single phase 15 to 50 amp plugs. 220 is nice if you want to run certain gauge wire


What’s the price


If you can do 220 I would always recommend it you will Pull less amps


Asking $300/ea, will discount the more you buy. Put a listing up here with details: 6x Water aspirators for 50L rotos in Denver area


still on sale?


Hook up the aspirator to a hydro pump and it will keep the water nice and cold and pull a decent vacuum. They only phll so deep anyway so if the water gets hot the vac gets way worse


Thanks for the tip about the water aspirator, I’m actually selling my 5l rotovap tomorrow but I’ll let the guy know.

I’m personally using a diaphragm pump now with my new 50l rotovap and it’s been much simpler.


Yea i only use that for a 5 l mt 20 has a dual head on it, i spent alot of rime swapping frozen water bottles before i hooked up the water pump. It’s actually a lytron water chiller u can get them from ebay for around 100 keeeps the water at 5c all day


Do tou have a link to the chiller


This is the one i use tou can find them cheaper or even a hydroponic res wayer chiller will work


The cheap 100.00 chiller version. I have a recirculating heater/chiller already. Looki g for something vs my tap every rotovap run. I do use the run off to fill my 55gal water holding tanknfor my plants, so its not going to waste