Chinese cartridge suppliers

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on Alibaba communicating with cart manufacture/distributers. I’ve got some samples and some have been much better than others. I’m trying to get my costs down as low as possible without buying carts that fall apart or won’t work.

I was wondering if anyone else had experience with Chinese suppliers and want to share their experience. Also If you just want to post a link or give me a name of a supplier/cartridge you like.

We are using them for distillate based mixes



The only one I have dealt with is ocitytimes.Com they carry basically same carts everyone does. Best thing about them is shipping is fast. Like if you order Monday you’ll get it wednsday. Just remember they are hours behind us so normal business hours start at 8PM Eastern. They are also really good with answering questions about products

Another company on alibaba I finally tracked down today is Shenzhen Itsuwa Electron Co… I believe they are the original manufacturer for the Liberty V9 and Jupiter tanks everyone recomends. I’m ordering some V9 from them next.

Choosing the right one you must take into account many variables.

Are you cutting the distillate or using pure?

Some carts have glued internals, Some have rayon wickes others are “wickless” with silicone grommets around coil, some have cotton around coil, some have metal exposed wrapped around ceramic rod, some have metal embedded in the ceramic

If any of these things would impact your purchase then you can start to narrow down the list from there.

I’d like to see how this thread plays out. Maybe get a definitive “best” cartridge.
Or at least websites/links for cartridges the dispensaries are using.


Come out and show us your wares! Here’s a good place to set up a good conversation!


@Ascent show us whatcha got!

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Damn right I’m looking for someone too, not large orders but still I need 25 , so far ccell brand have my ticket, everything else spits at me in no time even if super thick!


The quotes I’ve been getting are for $0.99-1.35/cart (.5ml ccell style ceramic tip) for MOQ of 1000 units.

I’ve got samples from one supplier, INT Tech, and they were high quality. Problem was the space between the air tube in the center and the inside wall of the tank was too narrow to fit a syringe tip in.

I’m getting samples from another, Yarktech. They advertised ridiculously cheap prices, and offer packaging solutions as well.

Yarktech - Cbd Promotion Catalog 2018.pdf (2.7 MB)


skype id:oak003
I’ll show you guys my whatsApp tomorrow as currently it has problem.

when you say spits at you in no time, how many times have you refilled it?

If the answer is more than a couple, you’re winning. these are designed as disposable.

getting more than 1/2 dozen refills is rare in my experience.

Edit: most common failure mode has been “spitting”. Occasionally on the first fill. usually on the 4th or 5th.


Yes I know I know get couple hits,idk some the cheap ones work great, they was ccell type… But more than most spit… Like I pull it gives liquid out mouth piece…idk it would get left in my work truck from time to time, but damn didnt know it would kill it

Is it possible that i share my contact info. here? May someone needs my help

if you’re comfortable putting it up.

you’re also encouraged to post pictures or links of/to your wares. including prices if you’re comfortable with that.

or at least there is precedent for such behaviour and nobody has complained.

I’m the guy work in China in this field for more than 4 years now, dealing with many manufacturers, and knew the most procedures of how small factory works. I’m quite familiar with the sources in China.

Some cheap ONES work great, what the main cost from small factories are the labor cost, and renting cost. They can’t even control quality for each batch. There is not quality control system.


Show us some pictures, I’d like to see what you’ve got for sale.


Here are some photos of our facilities which most of companies don’t have, and even don’t know what it is


Very nice. I like the quality control, especially the environmental testing chamber. I’m defiantly interested in your product. I will dm you tommorrow. What do you fill the carts with when testing?

She works for a company who has a lot of different tips a3, g2, China ccell, Liberty

She’s good


We don’t fill anything in the carts when testing as all types of carts have been tested in U.S.
We ship them empty!

The main key we’d love to know is consistency of oil. 20/80, 30/80, 50/50 ect.

Easy operation: fill the oil, and then cap the mouthpiece as fast as possible.

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