Chillers for running a Delta Separation Cup-15 COLD

I’m looking into running my CUP-15 cold I called delta but the chiller they offer seems monumentally overpriced, could anyone offer me any advice of where to look or alternatives.

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how helpful were they? Last time I called to talk about the Cup 15 im about to purchase the guy on the phone had zero answers for me.

You need alot of cooling capacity man, it is going to be expensive depending on your throughput. Run your calcs via this thread - then you can go to Huber or Julabo and select the product you need.

You have alot of solvent needing to be chilled, it wouldn’t be uncommon to drop 100k.


How much chiller you need depends on how many CUPfulls you want to run per shift/day

That gives you an upper bound on solvent requirements. Then you need to take your potency into account. Assuming you’ve read the Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget) thread, you know that you can run your solvent over multiple rounds of biomass (potency dependent).

Ie reduce your solvent guesstimate by 3 to 5x depending on what you plan on running.

THEN do the math on how much heat you need to remove and how fast.

Dropping 100gal by 40C in an hr requires the same size chiller as dropping 1000gal by that same 40C in 10hrs

Have you checked out the Ethanol Extraction White Paper @Photon_noir and I wrote?

That math is not in there, but should be. I’ll work on that for the next version…there’s lots of useful stuff in the current version.

Highly recommended (4 out of 5 blazed operators agree :wink: )


This calculator I’ve posted previously will tell you what your approximate cooling requirements will be. You want the “Cryo” tab.

Put your ethanol volume (in liters) in the first highlighted box. Initial temperature in the second, final temp in the third. Number of hours you want to chill it over goes in the last one.

The boxes below give you approximate values for total energy required. This is an average over the whole temperature range and not actually the number you should use when sizing your units.

I’m a fan of CryoDax units, so when you put the volume in the first box it will also tell you how long it would take each of their units to chill that much in the rows on the bottom left.


Appreciate all the answer, I’m not only talking about cooling capacity I’m also talking about which companies I should look into to get the job done as well.

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My personal vote is for the Mydax CryoDax units. Huber and Julabo also make good stuff, but I personally feel they are way too overpriced for what they are. Mydax come in around 1/2-1/3 of the cost of an equivalent Huber.


Thank you I’m going to look into them.

Why would you want to run it chilled?

Mydax seems like the only good option. Has anyone independently verified their time estimates for chilling tanks of a given size?

to avoid waxes

So if you use the cup-15 non chilled the waxes will affect it?

How are people running it without chilling it then?

yes the warmer the solvent and biomass are when they mix the more fats and waxes you will pull off the plant

It’s not that the CUP can’t handle it. It’s that the end quality of the oil will be different.

-40 is the lowest they rec. For the cup system.

When I spoke to Delta at MJBiz they said they can make a -80 rated unit but you have to ask, and I’m sure pull out your wallet.

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Oooohhhhhhhh sweet… yeah, im sure the price will redic to add that to the options list… :eyes:

Yeah, on top of the ~200% markup they’re already making vs what the equipment should cost with reasonable margins.


200% is being nice