Check out this new podcast diving deep into ethanol extraction, distillation, and post processing!

What’s up Future4200 community! I’ve spent many an hour on here over the years getting sucked down ALL the rabbit holes. First and foremost, thanks to Future and all the mods that put so much time into keeping this place a peaceful, interesting, and informative place to share our thoughts.
I recently started a podcast focused on the creation of concentrates. Season one is focused on ethanol extraction and post processing into distillate or isolate. Each episode digs deep into a particular stage in that process, and most have an industry expert guest on to speak with us about that stage. The shows are released in an order that follows the work flow of material through a lab. I looked for something like it to listen to, and when I didn’t find anything that got deep enough I decided to take advantage of this crazy covid lockdown we’re all in and produce what I was looking for. The show is for lab nerds by a lab nerd. So far I’ve had guests from Futurola, Delta, Scott Labs, and Trusteel. I’m really proud of it, it has been a lot of fun to make, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think! The show is called The Modern Extractor. It comes out every Tuesday, and can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts. If there’s anything I know about the folks on Future4200, it’s that you aren’t shy to comment or to disagree, so please do. In this emerging industry we can all learn from each other and I look forward to the discussion :slight_smile:



Below is a link to the 90 second trailer.
As of this post there are 3 other episodes released in addition to the trailer. Check ‘em out!


Awesome! Love the trailer. Something to listen to drown out the vac pump.


Awesome welcome @The_Modern_Extractor!!! HNY thanks for lurking, and now joining in Jason!

Podcast looks sweet I’ll listen good luck keep it up!


Yeessssss… So looking forward to this podcast :heart:

:pray: thank you @The_Modern_Extractor


@The_Lone_Stiller Lol, I had literally written that I’d lurked around reading here for years, then edited it out. You nailed it. Hopefully this will make up for the lurk :slight_smile: Happy New Year! I have some great guests lined up that I’m reluctant to name before I get the interviews recorded, but I think we’re in for a good season! Thanks for the kind words.


@kay420 Lookin’ forward to the listens! As you follow along don’t hesitate to chime in about things you want to hear discussed. Thanks!


Hey guys, sorry for posting the podcast on many a thread. I’ve been working hard at it and I got a bit excited when I saw a bunch of people listening after this first post… Upon learning how it worked (bumping each old thread that I posted it to to the top) I can see how it felt spammy. My bad, note taken.


All good dude!

Happy to have you here!


Hey all,
New Episode out today! Maria Peterson from Scott Labs joined me and we went down the filtration rabbit hole. Learn how and why lenticular filters work, how to stage your filtration to save your lenticular modules, and why the big cbd operations use crossflow filters. (and why you probably shouldn’t.)
Thanks again for the support! May your liters be golden and pure! Follow the IG @The_Modern_Extractor (on IG too.) Here’s a link to the latest:


Hell yeah, good luck man, will be tuning in :v:


Very excited to check it out, thanks man!


Hey Guys,
I just released a new episode focusing on solvent recovery. Ray Van Lenten, Founder and CTO of Trusteel joins me to talk about falling film evaporators. We get deep into how they work, as well as his personal falling film SOPs and hacks that definitely aren’t in the owner’s manual. We go through it all… times, temps, pressures, & feed rates for falling film, and his decarb SOPs too! Here’s a link to the latest episode. Thanks for listening!


Thank you for creating this podcast. I was looking for something like this over a year ago and was amazed there was noting out there. Good work and keep em coming! :+1:

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