Cheapest Recovery Pump?

I’m thinking about switching from passive to active recovery. What would be the cheapest most ideal recovery pump for butane?

I wouldn’t go for the cheapest solution here. When it comes to recovery pumps, you get what you pay for.

Don’t get suckered into buying an Appion or a CPS TRS-21. These pumps are garbage. I went through four of each before I picked up a CMEP-OL. It’s pricier but pays for itself rather quickly. I’d rather spend 2K on a pump that will last than spending 4K+ on four pumps that won’t.

The Haskel EXT-420 is probably the ideal pump but requires a large compressor to power it and is quite pricy in and of itself. I’ve also heard the VaporHawg is a good pump but it’s really expensive and hard to find. I think the CMEP-OL is the ideal middle-ground here.


Don’t get the cmep unless u can afford having a backup cmep sitting around. I have 5 of them they’re great


Would any recovery pump work? Like a yellow jacket?

Not in a manner that wouldent poison you.


Elaborate futher

do you like lubricating oils,heavy metals, and seal debris?


nough said

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I love those things can’t you tell ^^ lol


A CPS TRS21 is probably the cheapest option at just under $1000. Next best option is more expensive, but a CMEP-OL is also a good pick. I haven’t had too much experience using a TRS21 so I can’t confirm or deny how many problems they have, but I know they’re cheap and rated for butane/propane.

Avoid cheap Appion pumps, as they are not rated for flammable gas and I have heard about them causing fires.

Master Vapor Pumps are expensive as hell, but I’ve been using them for the last 5 months or so and have really liked how they perform.


Mine has treated me great so far. Do you do regular rebuilds on them?

TR21-Series_Product-Manual.pdf (993.0 KB)

Why does everyone say the tr21 rated for butane and propane…it clearly states in the manual NOT explosion proof

And on the list of approved refrigerants for use, I don’t see r600 or r290 anywhere on that list…maybe bc we recover cryo cold no vapor

But by far I don’t think it’s safe to say it’s approved

Can u eleborate on why ppl say that?

I’m just curious and have been looking to go active until I seen that pumps like this not even qualified an the ones that @soxhlet trying to say that you get oils and such not wanted from the pump itself… And the ones qualified cost more than my whole rig!

Have y’all had analytical test done to see if stuff from motor gets in the oil or not?

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cheapest option = passive

TRS21, not TR21.

Page 4 of the manual.

And yes it does. Don’t need analytical test when you can see it with naked eye.


the trs21 is ignition proof I see

I must had that all backwards thanks buddy

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Why would you switch from passive?


Faster recover? Wouldn’t that be the goal?


I recover far faster passive than anyone I know running pumps. Unless they are running multiple master vapor pumps.


How fast do u recover and inject and how much of everything in this time

Next …what would be the purpose of pump then?

I recover 1lb~ min give or take. Usually 25-30lb runs. Pouring within 40 min of recovery.